How Big Data is Impacting the Accounting Industry

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How Big Data is Impacting the Accounting Industry

Sarah Dawson, CFO Tech Outlook | Saturday, December 05, 2020

The accounting industry is applying technologies like big data in their systems so that it can help them to streamline the processes.

FREMONT, CA: Big data can guide while evaluating the data assets by increasing the dynamic assessment methods. By doing so, it is necessary for the accounting sector to evaluate the data that is accurate, select a long-time evaluation method, and recognize the key suppositions. There will also be furthering of data value with the help of stewardship and control. It will become easy for the accounting industry to assist in turning the internal data sets into crucial, secure, vigorous, and in-demand.

Role and Impact of Big Data

By using big data while making decisions will help to achieve more specific support in real-time. The roles that the finance industry provides will not be restricted to reporting financial data. By evaluating numerous datasets, it will become easy for the finance companies to understand the alternatives which the decision-makers can use.

Data sharing will also help in creating values because the internal and external movement of knowledge will increase the efficiency of accounting companies. It will also help them to save time and money. There can also be challenges in using big data because more new data is becoming reachable, due to which it can degrade. The info value can also diverge the counting on its usage.

Here are some of the ways through which big data can have a huge impact on accounting in the next few years.


Auditing is a crucial part of the accounting sector because it helps to analyze the company's financial requirements and assets. In the modern era, the traditional process of audit does not provide the efficient result as the business requires valuable information.

When big data is combined with data analytics, it can reconstruct the auditing procedure. The audit process is slowly moving from the sample-based testing towards the data-driven population-level audit that has every major area of business. Big data also offers auditors structured data so that they can explore more areas.

Business Decisions

With the development of automation in the accounting sector, the accountants have made away from the repetitive accounting tasks to the business advisory roles. Today, they are responsible for developing financial plans for their clients and offer valuable insights.

Big data can be helpful when accountants get into the role of a trusted advisor for the business. The accounting sector can also use big data as it can help the businesses to make informed decisions about the finances supported by accurate datasets.

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