Highspot Launches Spark 2020, its Natively-build Unified Revenue...

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Highspot Launches Spark 2020, its Natively-build Unified Revenue Enablement Platform

By CFO Tech Outlook | Friday, October 09, 2020

Revenue teams use Highspot to deliver a cohesive buying experience that increases revenue, customer satisfaction, and retention

FREMONT, CA: Highspot, the revenue enablement platform that makes every customer conversation count, launched Spark 2020, the industry's only natively-built, end-to-end revenue enablement platform. This platform introduces new training and coaching capabilities and Scorecards that provide left-to-right analytics on business impact.

"The majority of companies miss revenue opportunities every day," said Robert Wahbe, CEO, Highspot. "Revenue enablement is the key to unlocking growth. Our platform allows revenue leaders to land strategic initiatives by changing the behavior of their teams – driving consistent revenue performance and drawing a direct line from go-to-market initiatives to business outcomes."

Highspot's platform delivers on the promise of revenue enablement with comprehensive content, guidance, training, coaching, and customer engagement capabilities, all powered by 360-degree analytics. The new capabilities further empower companies to make every customer conversation count, enabling sales teams to drive consistent performance, marketing to land go-to-market strategies, and services to increase customer satisfaction.

With an outcome-based approach anchored in the real-world, Highspot supports training and coaching that is just-in-time, engaging, and designed to drive retention and behavior change. The natively-built capabilities work seamlessly within the platform, giving revenue leaders a singular system to drive business outcomes.

Highspot's 360-degree analytics provide a holistic picture across companies' initiatives, teams, and customers. The platform's Scorecards offer a comprehensive view of the impact of go-to-market initiatives. Highspot will be introducing the first of these Scorecards, the Play Scorecard, this fall.

"The beauty of a unified platform is we can now deliver integrated insights across content, guidance, training, coaching and engagement that will change the way companies run their businesses," said Wahbe. "Scorecards are game-changers because leaders can leverage them to take action and drive outcomes in ways they've never been able to before."

Expanded Partnerships, Integrations, and Enterprise Certifications

• Enterprise-Class Security: Highspot is expanding its security and privacy certifications by obtaining ISO 27001 certification.

• Brainshark and MindTickle integrations: Highspot is expanding its deep technology partnerships and integrations with Brainshark and MindTickle, giving customers flexibility and a broad range of industry choices.

• Microsoft Teams integration: Highspot for Microsoft Teams allows users to search and share Highspot content within Microsoft Teams.

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