Here's How Digital Transformation Matters in Finance Industry

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Here's How Digital Transformation Matters in Finance Industry

CFO Tech Outlook | Wednesday, July 17, 2019

As financial services' future takes shape, digital transformation will be at the forefront, taking financing to the next level.  

FREMONT, CA: FinTech players can accelerate the digital transformation of financial services due to their potent combination of trailblazing technology and disruptive innovation and, in turn, promote current banks to expand their innovation initiatives rapidly to meet the financial needs of under-served countries globally.

As per the fourth annual State of Accounts Payable Report, corporate finance departments continue their relentless push to automate manual functions. Digital financial transition speeds up 20 percent of companies planning to automate payable accounts within one year.

Digital disturbance has had a significant impact on a multitude of professional world practices and behaviors. Combined with smartphones and the internet, technology offers countless advantages for both clients and financial institutions. Previously, the consequences of digital conversion were unknown as the shift from manual to digital world worried individuals. With tighter legislation and evolving client requirements, economic apps and systems have become more agile and progressive. Organizations are more focused on capitalizing on new and emerging technologies to assist them position teams into high performers.

Digitalization has affected economic growth favorably and has accelerated innovation development. Many are on for a discussion that there is no financial development, but there are quite noticeable indications of prospective beneficial effect; the best examples are mobile banking applications and e-wallets.

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In the finance function, the macro trend of digitalization is gaining considerable momentum. Forward-thinking firms automate the financial function's manual parts, and the AP method is rapidly becoming the centerpiece of these automation attempts.

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