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Has Revenue Management in the Travel and Hospitality Sector Evolved With Time?

CFO Tech Outlook | Thursday, October 24, 2019

Revenue ManagementRevenue management cannot be better explained than selling the appropriate product to the right client at the right moment and not to forget, at an actual price.

FREMONT, CA: Revenue management, which can be traced back to the 1980s, was first seen in the airlines industry. It introduced a concept called dynamic pricing, which helped various airline businesses in achieving massive success, to enhance the financial results.

Revenue management can help businesses figure out product availability and enhanced prices, to generate the highest amount of revenue. Similarly, within the hospitality industry, the primary purpose is to boost revenue while selling a certain number of services or products.

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Revenue Management


Essentially, it is about making supply and demand parallel to each other and achieving successful revenue management that involves a better understanding of customers’ perceptions.

A business needs to have a few conditions in place, to utilize a revenue management strategy efficiently, such as:

Every customer is unique and might be willing to pay different prices for the same commodity or service.

The business needs to have specific capabilities to foresee different transforming levels of demand before a considerable amount of time.

Nothing more than the fixed amounts of resources are accessible and available to sell in a given time.

Revenue management, as a strategy, permits businesses to implement a data-driven approach toward the decisions on what to trade. It is considered to be a method in which companies can ensure that informed decisions are made, and the business performs at its best to drive the revenue higher. It is often related to predicting demand and optimizing price and availability as well as revenue.

Not just in the airline industry, but revenue management was employed in almost every business where fluctuations in levels of demands were predicted. It was implemented wherever fixed costs were paid regardless of the sales along with wherever customers were paying varying prices for a similar service or product. Additionally, in the hospitality industry, revenue management has come out as a well-liked strategy, including car rental companies, financial services, theatres, medical services, and the telecommunications industry.


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