Happy to Help: No More a Myth

Happy to Help: No More a Myth

By CFO Tech Outlook | Wednesday, June 26, 2019

To understand the customer with profound intelligence can help the company in taking favorable actions, which brings a significant difference in its ability to compete in the marketplace and win the cut-throat competition along with the clientele.

FREMONT, CA: Companies competing solely on revenue can find it difficult to bag the trophy at the end of the race, without having a unique customer experience that can elevate their position during a clash.

Sometimes, companies lack a few extraordinary features that affect the experiences of the targeted customers, ultimately getting lower response rates even after infusing a considerable amount of investment. Precise customer intelligence solutions can help in achieving superior results from the marketing expense while suggesting methods that can help companies monetize the customers.


Before implementing a customer targeting strategy, it is crucial to settle on the intentions, followed by the actions taken by the company. The ideas can include broad varieties of marketing and sales activities, whereas retail companies can have variations such as segmentation strategy depending on customer transactions. Organizations can analyze client spending, profits, and referral rates to invite their top customers to an event and aim to yield high returns from such investments. Email campaigns, discounts, print advertisements, offers on social media platforms, SEO, and online advertising are the other forms of actions that need to be finalized before putting the technology into work.


Next in the list is gathering the necessary information or data that can help in connecting with the targeted customers. By taking into consideration the intentions or previous actions, the company might require specific datasets to make better decisions, which can make a clearer path to monetize the data. At times, companies might have more data than necessary to support the customer intelligence needs and sometimes the reverse. In any case, having the right set of information is the key element to making revenue through a better understanding of the customer purchase activity. The right data can be found internally in systems like POS, CRM, and loyalty; in fact, surveys can be considered as a great tool to help gather information about the customer needs and expected services. 

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Lastly, executing is the final approach by using the customer intelligence analytical solution to ensure the right candidate customers for the actions and results to be achieved.

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