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Get a Unified View on the Business Data

CFO Tech Outlook | Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Tony Zorc, Founder and CEO

To maintain their supreme positions in the ever-growing business industry, companies are coming up with new inventive platforms to ease the everyday activities of their customers—Accounting Seeding did the same!

FREMONT, CA: Accounting Seed came into existence to address the growing demand for a fully customizable solution that combines accounting with key business systems on one platform,” says Tony Zorc, CEO and Founder of Accounting Seed.

Accounting Seed, a top-rated accounting software power-driven by Salesforce, recently launched a new product called Geranium for the customers who go beyond the traditional accounting via the innovative features in automation. The Geranium release extends offerings with the popular payment processing application, Stripe, and makes automation available for recurring accounting functions.

The company aims to provide and take care of the customer’s regular needs with each of their releases. The latest launch of Geranium helps to build essential functions, along with mission-critical business applications so the clients can get end-to-end transparency of their data.

The novel features of Geranium include:

• Multi-currency handling with Stripe.

• Repeating billing, payable, and journal entry automation depending on the frequency.

• Improved flexibility while billing from the opportunity in Salesforce.

• Real-time balance updates from the bank through Bank Direct Connect.

• Clearing bank transactions automatically.

“With our highly customizable Salesforce accounting solutions, clients can tackle their unique business challenges and discover new strategic opportunities, without having to purchase additional software,” added Zorc.

Accounting Seed, recognized among CFO Tech Outlook’s Top 10 Accounting Solution Providers for 2018, was founded by Tony Zorc in 2008, a CPA and former CFO. Zorc firmly believes that accounting can be carried out in many better ways. Zorc feels that they determine to be at the cutting-edge of technology, and that has helped them to achieve exceptional growth in recent years. The company continues to offer proven multi-ledger systems that can support easy access to business documents such as quotes, sales, and purchase orders. The company platform tends to have an innovative, flexible, and vigorous architecture that allows customers to deal with their data in any way they like. Accounting Seed’s safe and trusted technology, which is powered by the Salesforce platform, facilitates a 360-degree view of a client’s business by putting the time back in their hands. 

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