Garvis Rolls Out Quickly Adaptable Bionic AI Planning

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Garvis Rolls Out Quickly Adaptable Bionic AI Planning

CFO Tech Outlook | Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Garvis sparks transformation in the way firms manage their inventory with an intelligent planning system that reacts rapidly to unexpected fluctuations in demand.

FREMONT, CA: The novel platform, Garvis, is sparking a paradigm shift in how planners and firms handle their inventory. The bionic planning system couples artificial intelligence with the planner’s insights and real-time data analysis and can be operational in just one day. Garvis mitigates errors in the supply chain by up to 30 percent while saving time and cutting costs for firms.

Enterprises these days function in a digital, globalized, and quickly evolving world. Until now, however, the technology has been incapable of providing a real solution to that complexity. Planners are forced to base their forecasts on outdated systems that are simply ill-armed to manage global events like pandemics or container ships blocking the Suez Canal. The outcome is surpluses and/or shortages of supply that significantly affect profitability.

Garvis, supported by accelerator Start it @KBC and collaborates with the University of Antwerp, adopts a radically different approach. The new SaaS platform does away with inventory predictions based on past data and/or reacts to global changes too slowly. Garvis’ bionic planning system combines artificial intelligence with the planner’s insights. As a result, it is potent of analyzing a whole battery of real-time data within and beyond a firm’s business environment.

The planner’s insight and expertise remain central to the platform. Planners are in constant dialogue with the system’s intelligence but still take all their own decisions. Machine learning ensures that Garvis’ predictions get intelligent and smarter as user interactions and the available data increase. Garvis is the world’s first genuine bionic planning system. It allows a seamless connection between the user, machine, and data. As a bionic planning system, Garvis creates real and reliable forecasts. In fact, according to Boston Consulting Group, it can reduce the margin of error in forecasts by as much as 30 percent and can boost turnover and EBITDA by 2 percent to 4 percent. Therefore Garvis is hiring top-level developers, data analysts, and sales experts both nationally and internationally. 

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