Forte Payment Systems Join Forces with CivicPlus

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Forte Payment Systems Join Forces with CivicPlus

CFO Tech Outlook | Monday, April 19, 2021

Forte Payment Systems and CivicPlus partners to offer end-to-end payment solutions to provide citizen engagement digital experience.

FREMONT, CA: Forte Payment Systems, a CSG company, and CivicPlus enter into a strategic partnership to provide a full end-to-end payments solution that offers a superior citizen engagement digital experience for local governments. Local government agencies' potential to deliver services online is a core component to meeting the demands of the citizens they serve. The company is excited to collaborate with Forte and offer the public sector a full solutions suite that offers ease of use and process efficiencies and a high level of security and stability required to ensure an easy payments experience.

Together, Forte and CivicPlus will provide a solution that boosts the evolution of traditional payments services that meet today's digital-savvy citizen's requirements while offering key capabilities required to drive an industry-leading online payments experience. Its E2E encryption protects sensitive card data throughout the transaction lifecycle, and secure online payments received instantly through an intuitive, seamless to use platform. It offers government agencies the potential to accept checks with confidence, offering checking account validation. It verification capabilities meet new needs set forth by Nacha. It automatically records the payment status to keep the system updated in real-time.

Forte has been a trusted payments provider for local government agencies and municipalities nationwide, offering a robust, secure, and innovative technology suite to help accept and process payments. The partnership with CivicPlus will expand the offerings and reach more than 4,000 local governments serving 250 million citizens and offer them an online payments experience.

With a 20-year tradition in processing ACH transactions, Forte offers innovative and secure payment solutions that assist businesses and government agencies mitigate transaction costs, mitigate risk, and increase efficiencies. The firm was recently named a Preferred Partner for Account Validation by Nacha, recognized for providing products and services that increase the use of secure ACH payments, information, and messaging by financial institutions and end-user entities.

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