Five Moves For Gaining Two Times More Revenue Growth By Bain & Company

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Five Moves For Gaining Two Times More Revenue Growth By Bain & Company

By CFO Tech Outlook | Thursday, October 03, 2019

Revenue GrowthBain & Company's Let's Do Launch: The 5 Best Moves for Your Marketing Launch Playbook, will proliferate the marketing launches. 

FREMONT, CA: In the times where choices available are innumerable, creative teams, especially in marketing, have to apply a larger force than the other fields. In events like the launch of the campaign, teams in marketing have to become leaders to obtain successful results. Bain & Company's Let's Do Launch: The 5 Best Moves for Your Marketing Launch Playbook, will flourish the marketing launches, says a new report by the eponymous company. Bain has found in a survey, conducted along with twitter that the utilization of launch best practices enhances the company's revenue growth rate by 1.5 to 2 times. The results from the survey conducted among more than 650 marketing executives in the U.S. showed that the launches increased by an average of 27 percent per company in 2018. 

Most companies spend up to $10 million per launch aiming for a widespread penetration of the product amidst consumers and across all channels. In this environment, marketers must equip themselves to become smarter and more organized about the activities in the launch to gain maximum attention and motivate consumers to transact.

Well versed with the extensive work done by the CMOs, the head of the Bain & Company's Marketing Excellence practice believes that stakes have never been higher. A plethora of factors has to be placed cohesively within the structure of the organization for a marketing launch to unfold seamlessly. For a perfect launch without any hiccups, rigorous planning, and a willingness to be flexible are the most important factors. The marketers will realize success in the long run when the inputs of the potential customers are given heed to. 

In addition to the above, more than three-quarters of the surveyed experts agreed that the results of the launch performance would determine the long-term success rate for that product. An emerging challenge for marketers is the compression of launch time. 

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The top 15 percentile of the professionals who achieved financially profitable launches along with market shares and revenue growth believe in a make or break period once the product and the launch go live. This is mainly due to biased consumer behavior from the launch saturation. The channel decisions only put an accelerated premium on the quicker launch periods. With the increased competition and technology, marketers believe that make-or-break periods are getting shorter for the past few years. This reduction of the period of preparation, planning, and reacting has made it more challenging for the marketer.

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