Financial Controls Explained; Read More Here

Financial Controls Explained; Read More Here

By CFO Tech Outlook | Friday, February 21, 2020

Finance is an important factor for all the companies and finance controls are necessary to maintain a proper financial management. So here are some examples of financial controls.

FREMONT, CA: The procedures, policies, and processes that are implemented to manage finances are commonly known as financial controls. These have now become an essential part of all the companies. All companies have financial controls to make sure effective financial management. Most organizations have financial controls to ensure that everyone is aware of procedures to be followed and to ensure that there is a better understanding of each one’s responsibility.

Here are some examples of financial controls:

Accounting Standards 

Accounting standards are the basic source of generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP). It specifies how to recognize, measure, and present transactions and other events. Adopting an accounting standard with knowledgeable staff is a good option.

Financial Statements 

Top Financial Control and Automation Solution CompaniesA company’s management prepares the reports known as financial statements to present the financial performance and position at a point in time. It includes a balance sheet, income statements, statement of owner’s equity, and statement of cash flows. It is the duty of the CEO and CFO to deliver timely and accurate financial statements.

Operating Metrics 

Financial statement metrics include earnings before interest and tax (EBIT), sales, net income, earnings per share, margins, efficiency ratios, liquidity ratios, leverage ratios, and rates of return. People like CEO, CFO, and COO are responsible for delivering timely operating metrics like profit margins.


A person will have responsibilities for sending account statements to customers each month on time without any fail.


Financial approvals are made to make sure that data involved in the request is checked for accuracy and complies with the vision and goals of the company. Approvals processes consisting CFO approval of major sales deals looking at factors such as gross margins.

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