EPM Tools To Meet Financial Landscape Needs

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EPM Tools To Meet Financial Landscape Needs

CFO Tech Outlook | Thursday, January 17, 2019

Dave Kellogg, CEO

Finance departments of several firms still hesitate to embrace new technology compared to their peers—sales or marketing. While a number of packaged software applications address key enterprise performance management (EPM) requirements, financial departments in organizations even still rely on Excel spreadsheets for processes such as budgeting, planning, financial reporting, and analytics. For more than 20 years, on-site software has completely dominated the EPM market. Moreover, the legacy EPM tools have failed to address today's overgrowing demands of companies adequately. Host Analytics, headquartered in CA, was established to facilitate companies to replace such traditional tools and use more sophisticated solutions that meet today's financial landscape needs. The EPM Host Analytics Cloud suite consists of several modules, each with unique flexibility and capabilities. The other modules of the EPM suite range from modeling to close management, scorecarding, and analysis, all of which are provided as software as a service (SaaS). The company's portfolio extension also includes services such as ongoing training, implementation consulting, technical assistance, and a strong customer community. The company relies on EPM's potential to connect and align financing operations to make companies more agile. Many technology companies have been able to deploy the solutions rapidly, drive rapid user adoption, and maximize ROI through Host Analytics' certified consultants, trainers, partners, and dedicated customer success managers. Its Host Reporting solution allows end-users to simplify financial and management reporting significantly. By centralizing company data and with self-service, dynamic, and interactive reporting, users can quickly and efficiently generate financially, and even board reports.

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Vector Capital, a leading private equity company that specializes in transformation investments in established technology companies, announced the successful execution of its acquisition of Host Analytics. Vector Capital has been partnering with management teams for almost 20 years to incorporate and grow technology companies. Their accomplished investment and operating team leverage their deep technological expertise to tailor capital solutions for each of their investments.  The company has invested about $3 billion in purchases, recapitalizations, restructuring, and minority investments to date. The company has established a successful record of privatizing public companies, investing in growth equity, recapitalizing broken balance sheets, and spinning out non-core companies from corporations. It collaborates with management teams and coordinates incentives for business transformation and value creation. Management teams draw on their deep insights and real experience to bring about substantial, strategic changes in their companies.

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