Epilogue Collaborates with Fintel Connect to Launch Affiliate Program

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Epilogue Collaborates with Fintel Connect to Launch Affiliate Program

By CFO Tech Outlook | Friday, September 25, 2020

Epilogue has launched the affiliate program by partnering with Fintel Connect by implementing connect technology and network.

FREMONT, CA: Epilogue, a pioneering digital estate planning platform, has launched its affiliate program by partnering with Fintel Connect.

The objective of Epilogue is to make estate planning accessible and cost-efficient for every Canadians. The platform of the organization provides a fast, simple, and affordable solution for Canadians that can help to develop a necessary Will and Powers of Attorney online. Furthermore, the solution is presently available to Canadians located in Ontario and Alberta. It also has further plans of extending to British Columbia this fall and more widely by the end of 2020.

Will creation is going to be a significant part of the Canadian's financial journey, most of the time, which is ignored. Therefore, by partnering with Fintel Connect, it will become easy for Epilogue to reach Canadians across the country and even help to educate the people about the importance of creating a Will. According to Daniel Goldgut, Co-Founder and CEO of Epilogue, "We are pleased to partner with Fintel Connect to help expand our message and inform Canadians of an easier way to approach Will-making.Fintel Connect provides us the opportunity to scale our affiliate marketing efforts and partner with targeted influencers in the space that can help share our story."

The collaboration of Fintel Connect and Epilogue will also bring opportunities to endorse a new product set for publishers in the Fintel Connect Network. Moreover, Epilogue is the first product of its kind to connect with Fintel Connect's developing network of fintech, banking, and insurance brands.

Nicky Senyard, the CEO of Fintel Connect, mentioned, "Fintel Connect is on a mission to help innovative brands in the financial services space grow their reach in a targeted, cost-effective way. We're thrilled to partner with Epilogue and help their important message reach more Canadians."

The affiliate program of Epilogue's will cover every product purchased from the Epilogue website, which also consists of single and couple's Wills and single and couple's Wills and Powers of Attorney.

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