Empowering CFOs with a Vision of Connected Finance

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Empowering CFOs with a Vision of Connected Finance

CFO Tech Outlook | Wednesday, August 07, 2019

Mark Hatton, CEO

Today’s CFOs need to drive accurate and meaningful business decisions for positioning their organizations for growth opportunities. 

FREMONT, CA: The current marketplace is crammed with various solutions to manage individual financial processes, which prevents CFOs from accessing information in a unified manner, affecting their decision-making capabilities. With a vision of ‘connected finance,' Longview empowers the CFOs by offering a suite of state-of-the-art planning, consolidation, tax, and analytics solutions that leverage the technical synergies between them to bring forth unified information for better decision-making.

Longview produces the business software that links banks and drives organizations' strategic benefits. Operating in more than 150 nations, Longview provides creative, confident, strategic, and instant solutions to hundreds of thousands of company representatives from Global 2000 businesses. The company's planning solution, Longview Plan is not only limited to financial planning but also offers solutions for people, profitability, and operational planning. "Following our connected finance theme, Longview Plan integrates not only processes but also people across departments to get finer and granular data for accurate planning," said Mark Hatton, CEO, Longview, in an interview with CFO Tech Outlook.

Hatton added, "Unlike other vendors that provide standalone solutions, we offer an integrated suite of solutions for enterprise-wide information visibility." Because of its contribution in powering the transformation of CFOs, Longview was recognized among the "Top 10 CPM Solution Providers" of 2019 by the CFO Tech Outlook magazine.

With an elevating efficiency in tax accounting and analytics to strategize business operations from information compilation and verification, Longview, a strategic business decision provider was also recognized as "TOP Rated Vendor" in BPM Partners' "Pulse of Performance Management 2019".

Craig Schiff, CEO, BPM Partners, commented, "Longview is a very capable cross-industry solution with a strong Office of the CFO Focus. It consists of a robust set of solutions in their own right with Longview Close, Plan, Tax and Analytics – that are even stronger when working together as a single solution to help companies achieve their performance management goals."

Together with the state-of-the-art cloud-based and on-premise systems, Longview's 25 years of domain expertise and experience in providing the most solid and creative management alternative on the field is set to touch a higher benchmark.

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