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Do Not Risk it, Fix it!

By CFO Tech Outlook | Friday, September 06, 2019

Information security cannot be denoted as a downward process in any sphere. Apart from that, in a business environment, it is crucial to consider information security as a serious subject as the company is holding on to vast heaps of customer and client data.

FREMONT, CA: The security of information is significant for every industry in the digital world. Everyone everywhere has some valuable data that they tend to secure, starting from personal details to account credentials. There can also be critical or confidential files that a person might feel that it is safe, but in reality, they might still be under risk from the attackers. 

Creating Employee Awareness:

It is true that with the help of technology, companies can take adequate measures to protect their systems from cyberattackers. But the involvement of employees is also a crucial factor to count on. Companies must keep their employees and stakeholders well-informed regarding the protection of their sensitive business information along with the measures actively implemented in it. Since the security awareness training programs have become handy, it should be considered as a part of people development scheme as well. Better awareness of the team members can yield in mitigating the risks efficiently. 

On-Site Encryption:

It is always ideal for encrypting the essential files and documents even before they are on the cloud. Encryption of data takes place on-premise, mainly because of the types of risks that wander around the corner. Additionally, with the on-site encryption, it is also wise to protect the data against offline attacks such as information theft. It is easy to build blanket encryption across every device, including a BYOD environment. With the help of the technology companies and its employees can keep track of their devices.

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Untangling Policies:

Organizations can start with a transparent and inclusive set of information security policies but cannot be considered as an ultimate protection level. It is crucial to involve each one at the workplace before implementing any information and security policy, to ensure that each employee understands the set of policies being set. Authorities need to remember that a complex set of policies can lead to perplexities within the work station. So, it is essential to distribute simpler information security systems to handle risky situations. The addition of SOPs is a must in a company as they deal with information theft, breaches, and various information security mishaps. The system can then be completely safe, with multiple layers of security combined with robust strategies. It is never too late for a company to establish a better comprehensive protection system over the sensitive business information right from the inception.

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