Compleat Software Partners with Advanced to Automate its Business...

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Compleat Software Partners with Advanced to Automate its Business Processes

CFO Tech Outlook | Thursday, October 14, 2021

Compleat Software will provide Advanced with automated financial solutions to transform their customers’ business growth.

FREMONT, CA: Financial service automation processes help businesses in streamlining their operations. Businesses today need advanced solutions that can automate their process and save costs at the same time. The likelihood of human error, scam, and financial loss is dramatically reduced in every firm by automating crucial, time-consuming, and often admin-heavy processes that are currently performed manually. Compleat partners with Advanced to give its customers immediate access to best-in-class digital invoice capture, accounts payable automation, online buying & digital procurement.

Advanced is one of the UK’s leading business software providers delivering first-class solid, scalable, and market-focused solutions to support business transformation amongst customers and partners, whilst evolving with the changing needs of the market they operate in. Advanced also offers a tailored TruePartner program, working closely alongside external organizations, independent software vendors, and resellers to support with marketing and integration services that fit specific business needs, differing from a one size fits all approach in the competitive market.

Compleat Software has been selected as one of the ‘Top 5 Accounts Payable and  Receivable Solution Companies in UK - 2021’. It supplies leading-edge AP (Accounts Payable) Automation and “Purchase to Pay” solutions that offer next-generation automation at an affordable cost for businesses of all sizes.

iCompleat is a modular SaaS platform that allows users to pick and choose exactly what they need presently, with the option to gradually increase the amount of automation they achieve. The solution is housed on Azure cloud technologies, resulting in a reliable and scalable tool that can support business growth in a wide range of industries and suppliers. For everyone, both inside and outside the financial department, the user-friendly platform provides a seamless, paperless procedure that is simple to create, deploy, and operate.

“At Compleat Software, we believe in enabling businesses to achieve the extraordinary. Using the latest innovative technology to support our partners and customers as we evolve and adapt to new ways of working,” said Phil Douglas, CEO at Compleat Software. “With Advanced’s focus on their customers' growth and success, and their ambition to ensure that they are partnering with leading solution providers, this partnership is a great fit for us.”

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