Combating Cybersecurity Challenges with Simple Steps

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Combating Cybersecurity Challenges with Simple Steps

CFO Tech Outlook | Monday, February 04, 2019

Cybersecurity protects systems from cyber attacks. Since hackers are trying to find new ways to access, change, or delete sensitive information, consumers must be aware of cyber threats and comply with basic cybersecurity principles.

Cybercriminals are continuously developing their tactics as the digital technology landscape expands. The protection of information stored in the corporate cloud or transmitted to employees’ smartphones leaving security professionals in a constant struggle to find effective mitigation strategies.

According to Cisco infographic, it is expected that 50 billion will be connected by 2020. A new HP study has shown that 70 percent of IoT devices have serious vulnerabilities. There is clear evidence that people’s reliance on interconnected technology undermines their ability to secure it. IoT data protection concerns could be mitigated by introducing a VPN as the standard security measure. This would require that each device use encryption and private servers connect securely to the Internet. However, in terms of scalability and speed, there is a trade-off: private servers can slow things by adding complexity to the network architecture.

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The industries witness hacking to continue to be the leading cause of data compromise events, accounting for 57 percent of the infringements disclosed, but hacking is not responsible for most records disclosed. This disaster continues to belong to frauds which account for 35.7 percent of the 2018 records.

Email scams are the most common techniques for ransomware network infection. According to a PhishMe report, 93 percent of all phishing emails contain ransomware, so it is important to train company security personnel to handle spam emails safely. Small organizations finally realize that they need to be as ready for cybersecurity as large organizations, making it no longer an IT problem, but a bigger business challenge in every organization.

In 2019, technology continued to increase and accelerate in the cities. Most cities deploy new technologies quickly, big or small because technology helps to provide better services and reduce costs. While the adoption of new technologies is a great move that brings many benefits, it also brings many cybersecurity-related problems-the more technology is used, the more cyber attack opportunities.

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