Centime Introduces An All-In-One Cash Flow Management Solution For...

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Centime Introduces An All-In-One Cash Flow Management Solution For Small And Medium-Sized Organizations

CFO Tech Outlook | Friday, April 29, 2022

Centime, a Boston-based fintech, introduced Cash Flow Control, a first-of-its-kind technology designed to assist small and mid-sized enterprises in controlling and managing cash flow.

Fremont, CA: Organizations will need a steady stream of cash to acquire finance and expand any firm. Business owners can estimate cash flow and choose the best moment to seek funding by monitoring input and outflow precisely. When funding is necessary, it is critical to seek out creative partners that will work with you on fair terms. For example, it might be a payment processor or another partner rather than a regular bank or financial institution.

Centime Cash Flow Control is now accessible to all US-based firms that use the financial General Ledger apps of Intuit QuickBooks and Oracle NetSuite. Centime Cash Flow Control provides business leaders with a clear picture of how each element of cash flow control affects the other on a real-time, rolling basis, and it uses AI and machine learning to blend historical data from businesses with emerging trends to provide visibility, predictions, management, and control.

"Businesses have opportunities to grow in good times and bad," Centime founder and CEO BC Krishna said. "And in both good times and bad, cash makes or breaks businesses. For most businesses, cash flow management is poorly understood, overly complicated and inconsistently managed. Centime Cash Flow Control is a simple, easy to use solution that allows businesses to manage one of their most critical resources."

Covid highlighted the hazards that poor financial management — or just an unpredictable climate — poses to organizations. Businesses throughout America must take responsibility for their cash as they continue to deal with workforce shortages, supply chain interruptions, inflation, and global uncertainty. While the government's Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) assisted companies in bridging gaps during the peak of the epidemic, and banks stepped in to help their customers deal with unexpected pressures, moving ahead required company leaders to obtain control over all areas of their cash.

Centime's Early Access Program (EAP), a beta testing effort, generated vital client feedback that has influenced and continues to affect the features and capabilities of Cash Flow Control, ensuring it genuinely offers revolutionary, actionable insights for organizations.


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