Building Consumer Trust with Secure Mobile Payments

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Building Consumer Trust with Secure Mobile Payments

CFO Tech Outlook | Monday, April 22, 2019

Successful customer conversion is defined when the transaction is completed. Despite its strategic importance, banks around the world typically mark this step as just another customer point of contact. As technological changes have revolutionized many industries in the last decade, payments also deserve to be looked at more closely. A traditional cash operation is converted into a cashless one with all transactions carried out online. A well-designed application with smooth and fast accessibility helps the user to process payments faster, leaves a lasting impression and helps to obtain more loyal customers.

Digital payment is an important tool for advancing financial inclusion: it reduces the cost of providing financial services to poor people and increases the safety and convenience of savings and payments. Contactless methods of payment such as QR, NFC, and RFID are expected to be the future of digital payments because as are easy to operate, fast, and convenient.

In order to complete transactions and access services from their mobile devices, a new generation of bank customers almost entirely bypass physical branches and banking via the web. The same applies to payments—the payment industry has been stormed by mobile wallets, peer-to-peer payment apps, and social media payments. Based on robust security, commitments can go beyond run-of-the-mill transactions by leveraging the trust relationship the bank already enjoys with its customers. Integrating loyalty programs for customers, enabling them to securely authorize sensitive payments and sending secure notifications with strategic advice-the banking apps can become the center of the financial lives of customers.

Transparency and accountability with cash payments are harder to achieve because they are anonymous and difficult to trace. Digital payments increase accountability and tracking, thereby reducing the risk of corruption and theft. PayStand is one of the leading digital payments companies in the U.S.; the company provides an enterprise-level payment technology that is adequately adaptable for all business needs to process and reconcile payments.

Irrespective of the payment feature that customers wish to use, the payment information needs to be tokenized and encrypted for it to be re-engaged for charges in the future. This will help with recurring payments as information about previous payments is securely and easily accessible.

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