Building a FinTech Innovation Hub in the Heart of Connecticut

Building a FinTech Innovation Hub in the Heart of Connecticut

By CFO Tech Outlook | Monday, July 29, 2019

Federico Tovar, CFO

An entire campus dedicated to innovation and technology in FinTech is to be built in Connecticut by re-modeling the UConn campus.

FREMONT, CA: The story started when Dr Bruno Wu, CEO of Ideanomics, invited West Hartford to his home for a conference held by St. Joseph University. Within a year, circumstances fell into place, and the puzzle was complete. The AI and Blockchain-based Company, Ideanomics, is now equipped to transform the formerly known UConn campus, Connecticut into a Fintech Village, a headquarters for technology and innovation.

Ideanomics Inc. (Nasdaq: IDEX), a global technology company based in New York City, NY, has taken up the challenge to remodel the campus into a FinTech Village. The company has been designed to be accessible to the community and organically align into the natural beauty and style of the surrounding landscape. Worth over $400 million, the innovation hub will attract tech jobs of the future to West Hartford and create a balance between the grand list growth and the conservation of areas for public use. The company has begun with site cleanup and permitting process with the town of West Hartford to be processed soon as well.

Ideanomics Inc is recognized as one among the Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Solutions Provider for 2019 by CFO Tech Outlook Magazine. The company has taken its most massive step till now, which is to build the FinTech Village. It will be a significant project with which the face of Connecticut will transform. The AI(Artificial intelligence) and Blockchain-based company have been in talks with its partners to design a customized workplace that will stimulate both innovation and collaboration. All while encouraging an open campus with amenities those West Hartford residents divulged in the town-wide Community Visioning Process was conducted last year.

“We are determined to become a global leader for FinTech services in the asset digitization economy by establishing a global compliant network of financial technology, user community, and digital asset production,” states Federico Tovar, CFO at Ideanomics.

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The FinTech Village will be a campus accessible to the community keeping in mind the openness of the space, elements like public plazas, open green spaces, and recreational features will enable the resident’s extra lung space. Boardwalks and trails through the restored natural habitat along with environmentally friendly and energy-efficient buildings will help encourage sustainability. Ideanomics have planned the village pinpointing even the smallest details like traffic-management measures on Trout Brook Drive. Shops and restaurants for satiating hunger cravings of the residents on the campus are so detailed in the blueprint.

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