Bringing in the First Application-Ready API

Bringing in the First Application-Ready API

By CFO Tech Outlook | Monday, August 12, 2019

The hybrid blockchain of Assurety bridges the gap between private and public by mingling the advantages of an immutable public chain with the privacy and security expected of an enterprise-level solutions.

FREMONT, CA: Hotels are vastly being used to shuffle children in and out of the rooms for sexual exploitation, and businesses are progressively under inspection to do something about it. Motels and hotels are a popular site for human trafficking. The reason might be due to the ease of admission for buyers, the capacity to pay in cash, preserving secrecy through finances, and the lack of facility maintenance. So, traffickers often take benefit of the anonymity and privacy accessible through the hospitality industry.

Many campaigns have been on track to raise awareness among staff and hoteliers about the problem and lend a hand to educate them to spot the signs of human trafficking in their properties. Hoteliers can take an additional step to prevent traffickers from using their feature as well as stop them from targeting the hotel in the first place. Businesses can exercise mobile keyless entry to eliminate the ability for visitors to access rooms in an unidentified fashion.

Below are various ways mobile keyless entry can assist hotels in fighting human trafficking.

Capturing Unique Phone Numbers

Mobile key needs a smartphone and unique phone number, which is captured by a front-desk system or property management platform for a digital key to be produced and sent to the guest. Individuals who participate in illegal activities are restrained from giving anyone their number because that could be used to set them at the scene.

Creating a Record of Entry

Mobile key makes available a record of entry. Each time the room is accessed; the mobile number is captured and reported to the front-desk platform.

Giving Hotels Visibility

The mobile key gives hotels the maximum control over guest room visibility and access into who is entering and exiting the rooms. Even though many pre-paid flip phones come with Bluetooth capability, but they are not competent in using an application for hotel room access. The feature eliminates a chief workaround for the people who use the kind of phones to retain their anonymity.

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