Blockchain beyond the Financial World

Blockchain beyond the Financial World

By CFO Tech Outlook | Wednesday, February 13, 2019

The blockchain is marking its presence in different industries, but still majority of them perceives it as something that is limited to the finance sector only, specifically cryptocurrency and ICO. As a result, other advantages or benefits of this technology get faded into the background.

Size of the company does not act as a limitation for the use of blockchain in any business. The solutions on this technology can significantly reduce or even eliminate specific standard procedures from the process, which further affects the business models and revenues positively. However, blockchain is not the solution to all problems. There is blockchain development companies that provide with specific tools that enable to conduct business and make investments more effectively; therefore, in whose hands this technology is and how is this applied is a major concern.

The blockchain is developing into significant directions. The first one relates to the large companies that implement blockchain tools in their activities and gradually adjust their entire business model according to this technology, and such companies remain centralized. As a result, a hybrid system is formed which balances between centralization and decentralization. The blockchain innovation is a promising technology for such companies as it helps to reduce the operating cost and time to obtain and process the necessary information and also enable transparency, efficiency, and traceability.

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In a decentralized network, all operations are done using smart contracts which are immutable.

As the blockchain tools are accessible, easy-to-use and do not require substantial investments, they are the ideal technology for all types of businesses, irrespective of their sizes. The blockchain innovation is all set to go mainstream, and the adoption of its processes will lead to a boom that will disrupt the businesses.

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