AvidXchange: Taking the Ideal Step to Reduce Footprints

AvidXchange: Taking the Ideal Step to Reduce Footprints

By CFO Tech Outlook | Monday, August 12, 2019

Michael Praeger, CEO & Co-founder

To increase the positive impact by reducing its footprint in the city of Charlotte, and to encourage an overall development in its CSR team, AvidXchange hires the former director of Sustainability in Charlotte.

FREMONT, CA: As the common saying goes, with experience comes knowledge and with knowledge comes excellence. By laying the foundation and building the team with this piece of wisdom in mind will lead the enterprise towards great achievements. One such AP and payment automation solutions enterprise AvidXchange has successfully taken this path by leveraging Rob Phocas’s panoptic knowledge on sustainability.

AvidXchange, a leader in its domain, recognized Rob Phocas as its Director of Corporate Social Responsibility. The move is based on the extensive knowledge and a robust grip he possessed over his respective field of expertise. Phocas brings AvidXchange a foundation from sustainability and environmental law, including the ten years of experience as the director of sustainability for the city of Charlotte.

“I strongly feel that our growth is directly tied to our focus on innovation and our decisions to align ourselves with industry-leading partners and investors,” says Michael Praeger, co-founder, and CEO of AvidXchange. The CEO points out that Phocas was the ideal candidate as the company’s inklings make up a considerable footprint in Charlotte, and who better than the former director to lead Avidxchange into excellence. “We are committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions in the payables space to solve business problems and create efficiencies, and we have invested in top talent to create what’s next for accounts payable automation and to facilitate a great client experience as we grow,” Praeger informs.

Being recognized as one the Top 10 Accounts Payable Solution Provider in 2017 by the CFO Tech Outlook Magazine, AvidXchange has been a pioneer of its field. The company is excited for onboarding an industry expert like Rob to assure that AvidXchange’s positive impact, and deepen the engagement with communities. As the Director of CSR, Phocas will spearhead the company’s social and environmental engagement efforts across all five U.S. office locations. Phocas will also oversee the strategic development of the AvidXchange Foundation, by working with local partners and teammate volunteers to execute the mission of making a difference in the lives of children.

Phocas served as Charlotte’s Assistant City Attorney for three years, before his tenure as Director of Sustainability. After receiving a bachelor’s degree in history from Vassar College, Phocas earned his Juris Doctor Degree and Master of Environmental Management in environmental economics and policy from Duke University.

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