At the Cross-section of Artificial Intelligence and Corporate Finance

At the Cross-section of Artificial Intelligence and Corporate Finance

By CFO Tech Outlook | Monday, May 13, 2019

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its potential for transforming business processes across various industries have become a central focus of global organizations. As digital transformation changes the day-to-day functions of banks and financial institutions rapidly, it is also crucial that the human workforce in this space continue to adapt to the transformation and work to optimum productivity in tandem with the automated environment.

While many still speculate that AI is more hype than reality, AI in many organizations is already deeply embedded, driving automation that simplifies business processes. With recent researches, it has become more evident that 73 percent of financial institutions rely on automation to improve their economic efficiency.

Here are some of the primaries in which AI technology redefines the financial sector's functions.

Robotic solutions

In accordance with the increasing number of requests for data, most of the insurance companies deploy robotic solutions to perform the task of collecting tax invoices whenever asked by tax authorities. Moreover, robots can virtually carry out the functions without any errors while optimizing the response time.


Many banks have recently started implementing AI in the form of chatbots for customer-facing functionalities. In pursuing a goal of enhancing the experience of customers, most of the finance institutions leveraged AI and Natural Language Programming (NLP) to increase its contact center agents with chatbots using predictive capabilities to respond to customer requests.

Insightful drivers

One of the most significant advantages that AI has enabled in the financial services sector is its enhanced ability to provide valuable insights into trends and patterns that drive the industry. AI boost organizations data analysis process at an exceptional level required foe delivering maximum value.

Through exploration on how AI technology can be implemented, not only in streamlining processes but also as a valuable resource to  strategy formulation and financial transaction, stakeholders can ensure that their workforce is best equipped to attain success.

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