AI-driven Core Intelligence Platform to Better Digital Experiences

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AI-driven Core Intelligence Platform to Better Digital Experiences

CFO Tech Outlook | Friday, March 27, 2020

Chatbots and other intelligent virtual agents, and now Conversational AI is enhancing customer experience with seamless operations.  

FREMONT, CA: BQE Software, a worldwide leader in accounting and project management software, has introduced Core Intelligence, an artificial intelligence tool that enables customers to engage in human-like discussions with their business software to gain insights into their workflows and tasks. BQE is the first firm to release an AI that goes beyond being a speech input and acts as a smart business analyst in the project management and accounting software sector.  

Conversational AI(Artificial intelligence) formulates a customer-centric timetable for businesses along with accessibility, customization, and precision provision. Since some clients find it disappointing to wait for a response, conversational AI will change to suit the transaction velocity. When virtual AI is deployed to handle all customer interactions, inquiries will be resolved at the moment, or the call will be forwarded to a human agent seamlessly. By adding conversational AI and voice technology via a virtual agent, companies look to the future with a streamlined interface that can fully transform client experiences.

The advent of innovation in digital client services, particularly with AI, has automated the duties of dealing with countless fundamental issues that businesses face every day. As demand for conversational AI rises, BQE Software has great plans to expand and serve a wider range of large and mid-sized enterprises. Realizing that AI optimization is critical to any conversational AI deployment, it is evident that carefully monitoring client activity is essential to acknowledge potential weaknesses in the content, user experience, or underlying AI, and to alter the same to boost end-user satisfaction.

For professional services companies, BQE Software creates innovative business management software. Its flagship product, BQE Core®, centralizes and streamlines the way companies enter and use time tracking, billing, project management, and accounting data. This provides them the pace and insight they need to create informed choices quickly and boost efficiency and revenue.

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