AI to Modernize the Financial Industry

AI to Modernize the Financial Industry

By CFO Tech Outlook | Friday, November 30, 2018

The adoption of Artificial Intelligence  by the financial industry has made the organizations to increase their efficiency, transparency, and improved consumer experiences. AI and ML offer services in the financial industry through algorithms that are self-learning and help them to retrieve right data. Humans used to take decisions instinctively based on the previous experiences of their understanding of the markets. As AI makes the process more efficient, automation is incorporated in the financial industries in the form of trading-bots and algorithmic programmes that automate trade implementations.

Trading-bots enable customer interactions and respond to their queries on onboarding and transactions. Trading bots are capable of managing customer requests and make their product recommendations by connecting with customers through social media and sending texts. Efforts are made by refining the trading-bots and increasing efficiency that has led the financial industry to invest more in AI and Machine Learning programmes. AI algorithms involve an ideal set of trading strategies that are developed, implemented to result in improving returns. The financial industries use AI and ML along with the other technologies to win over the marketplace. AI has been democratized—made accessible to everyone, enabling the customers to use to this technology every day.

The AI-based algorithm enables successful trading in amorphous and inefficient markets like cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency market does not have any value that is defined as constant, and as it is unpredictable, there are a lot of ups and downs. As this is a volatile market, data analytics and AI holds the key role in unlocking and quickly changing the industry dynamics. Cryptocurrency is a digital coin that is designed for virtual transactions; these cryptocurrencies exist only as data and not as physical objects.

AI-driven algorithms avoid risks and inefficiencies that occur when humans involve in trading. AI algorithms can detect, analyze, and take actions on abnormalities occurred in the market. Financial industry firms are adopting AI at a speed where it is quickly making the processes easier for customers, and it will enable the provision of fast and efficient solutions. AI in the finance industry is about continuous learning and re-learning of data. AI can enable organizations to study the market and understand what the customers are exactly looking for and provide those services before the other players in the market.        

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