AI Evolves Corporate Finance with Automation

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AI Evolves Corporate Finance with Automation

CFO Tech Outlook | Saturday, April 27, 2019

The continuous evolution of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been dramatically impacting corporate models. Corporate professionals are migrating to advanced tech-driven finance computation systems. Transforming the workflows of the corporate finance AI-based digital solutions are greatly influencing the day-to-day core banking, accounting, financing, and other corporate-centered money management operations. AI in finance helps the companies in simplifying complex operational dynamics and achieving accuracy. Artificial intelligence integrates with machine learning, cognitive computing and the internet of things(IoT) technologies to automate almost every enterprise-critical financing operation by providing new and intelligent use cases. Check them out here!

• Robotic tax retrieval solutions

By employing advanced conceptualizations of RPA (Robotic Process Automation), corporate finance sectors now use robots to retrieve tax invoices for recording and accounting purposes. Such AI-based robotic solutions ensure accuracy, and they also help in optimizing the response time. The use of robotic solutions enables enterprises to achieve maximum efficiency as the robots continue to work round the clock. 

• Continuous assistance with chatbot deployments

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Many organizations are implementing AI-driven virtual assistants to carry out private client meetings and interactions. Chatbots help in answering the global financial authorities about various queries and questions related to the organization’s financial reports and accounts. These chatbots use Natural Language Programming (NLP) algorithms, which are capable of understanding natural human language.   

• AI-integrated predictive analytics 

AI serves the corporate finance sector with real-time market values, global statistics, and other accurate insights. By leveraging smart predictive analytics and combining them with artificial cognitive computing algorithms, engineers have designed unique tools to offer services related to business intelligence. These insight drivers help in providing information about the changing market trends and patterns.   

With AI-based virtual bankers, corporate finance management is no more a challenge. With advanced AI-driven money management services and accounting solutions, corporate finance professionals are sure to boosts their performance and economic value. 

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