AI as a game-changer in CPM

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AI as a game-changer in CPM

CFO Tech Outlook | Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Performance management is now a subject of debate in the HR function with the shifting dynamics of business models, macroeconomic trends, and digital disruption. While most of the organizations have re-modeled their overall performance measurement approach, some are currently thinking of following the trend in the industry, and few could continue with their current approach and may introduce small changes in the coming times. Management performance enabled by technology is much more comprehensive and holistic. It focuses on maximizing the development of people, improving individual performance and the organization as a whole.

Traditional strategies for performance management can never be maintained as they are not tailored to the goals of individuals. They won't beat the right people with the right business needs briskly. Traditional approaches are also primarily focused on business efficiency and process rather than individual interaction and growth. They reflect back instead of forward to the chance to past performance. There are often too few actions taken, too late.

The face of corporate performance management is shifting as technological advances meet growing desires for better, more agile and more switch-oriented enterprise-wide performance management approaches, particularly in the scope of artificial intelligence and advanced data analytics.

Gartner cites CPM as a paragliding term describing the methodologies, metrics, processes, and systems used to monitor and manage a company's business performance. And this is indeed a wide-ranging scope as business performance affects several areas. As a game-changer, AI is increasingly seen. Artificial intelligence(AI)  has a great impact on performance management as it allows correlating information and creating insights that were previously not possible, so we can make the best decision possible.

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Corporate performance management makes it possible to leverage all data in the organization's ecosystem and aid the organizations to achieve its strategic goals when change, change management and redefinition of KPIs optimize performance when changes in the organization's ecosystem require it in the broadest sense and strategies need to be translated into decisions and actions.

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