Accenture Announces Advanced Analytics Applications for the...

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Accenture Announces Advanced Analytics Applications for the Financial Sector

CFO Tech Outlook | Friday, November 30, 2018

FREMONT, CA: Accenture will be launching seven advanced analytics applications for the financial services industry, banking, and insurance companies. The applications would aid the finance industry to improve customer experience and retention, to increase sales, simplify the credit scoring process, and reduce costs associated with claims fraud.  

The new advanced applications will be configured through Accenture Analytics Applications Platform. The applications are dedicated for Customer Churn Management, Customer Potential, Next Best, Wealth Advisory Tool Kit, Real Time Credit Decision, Claims Fraud, Allowance for Loan and Lease Losses.

Accenture Advanced Analytics Applications delivers customized services to business executives as well as data scientists in a customizable approach that fits the specific workflow process to solve specific business problems. Depending on the customization, the applications can be approximately use for 60 days. The approach is individualized and insight-driven to perform data-driven actions faster for the company.

“Through the use of tailored advanced analytics applications, companies can enable a variety of users to confidently make insight-driven decisions to solve their business. When an information-powered culture spreads throughout a company, the business can benefit as value in the form of increased revenues, improved capital efficiencies, and minimized risk can be realized,” said Narendra Mulani, Senior managing director, Accenture Analytics, Accenture Digital.

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