A Unified Platform to Leverage Organization from Chaos

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A Unified Platform to Leverage Organization from Chaos

CFO Tech Outlook | Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Bob Irwin, CEO

A unified platform augmented with world-class technology and leading automation services to provide the most optimal solution for fixed, mobile, and cloud is launched to benefit clients.

FREMONT, CA: An immense power accompanies integrated systems—a community, when together, can affect any change, and organization with innumerable technologies, when integrated into a unified platform, avoids chaos and unravels a harmonious involuntary working of operations. A platform, which would be a complete solution for fixed, mobile, and cloud, built on industry-leading automation with world-class technology and excellent user experience is what Tangoe materialized. The company launched the Tangoe Platform to assist organizations in centralizing, comprehending, and controlling the technological environments. “Tangoe helps clients regain visibility and control access their mobile and network technologies throughout their lifecycles-from procurement and deployment to support and retirement,” said Bob Irwin, Tangoe CEO.

The Tangoe platform offers the customers an easy-to-apply, purpose-built for program, expense, and asset management supported by the most engaged and experienced people in the field. The optimization of costs fixed, new mobile applications roll out, and managing the cloud spending can be carried out in the platform enabling refined organization.

With the establishment of policies and procedure revolving around the management of telecom and mobile expenses, control and optimization of the costs of ever-changing equipment and rate plans can be achieved.

The optimized approaches also align to the corporate objectives allowing the company to identify the optimum solution across the entire business.

Being recognized as one among the Top Ten Business Expense Management Consultants/Service Companies by CFO Tech Outlook magazine, Tangoe expects customers to centralize their fixed, mobile, and cloud information with one source of truth. With comprehensive reporting and in-depth analytics of the platform, the chaos is leverage to make sense. Most importantly, the provision of an arena for the customers to engage in optimization and handling of technology, expenses, and assets in one complete solution is the aim of the platform.

Tangoe’s Enterprise Technology Management solutions extinguish the complex procedures related to technological environments by leveraging over 16 years of experience and domain expertise. The platform will now fill the gap between the most optimum solution and world-class technologies that supplement the solution.

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