4 Key Accounting Technology Trends for Coming Years

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4 Key Accounting Technology Trends for Coming Years

Sarah Dawson, CFO Tech Outlook | Friday, February 05, 2021

With technology affecting how businesses run, it is no longer enough for firms to stick to traditional accountancy practices.

FREMONT, CA: Technology continues to reshape industries and businesses – and the accounting industry is no exception. A lot of repetitive tasks are performed with the support of advanced hardware and software until now. Even for businesses that do not like change, many find themselves adapting due to a generation change in the workforce, marketing requirements, regulations, and client demands. In any case, technology provides strengths once a business adopts new solutions to the accounting processes. Here are some technology trends that influence accounting the most in the coming years.

• Cloud-Based AccountingTop Accounting Solution Companies

The internet has allowed the storage and processing of data from remote servers. Small- and medium-sized businesses can now use the power of the internet and access data and infrastructure without worrying about the cost of buying and maintaining on-site hardware and software services. The ease of accessing data anytime and anywhere supports businesses to save valuable time. Such advantages will continue driving more businesses to adopt cloud-based accounting systems.

• Automation

Automating repetitive tasks helps eliminate manual data entry while saving production time at the same time. Since technology continues to innovate, the accounting industry will automate more tasks. This trend can be observed in the evolving number of accounting software available for small and large businesses. Artificial intelligence will also contribute to automation in accounting. This is evident with the increased development and adoption of robotic process automation.

• Social Media

Previously, social media platforms were mainly used to communicate. Today, social media is impacting digital marketing, and it will continue influencing how businesses communicate with their customers. Apart from reaching out to more clients, accounting firms can also search for talent to hire from social media platforms.

• Data Analytics

With advanced data gathering and processing, it's now possible to access insights and predictive analysis. Although analytics is not completely new in accounting, data analytics tools' availability makes it more efficient. This is essential; for business owners as it assists in enhancing decision-making and understanding the overall status of a company with the click of a button.

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