3 Tips for SMEs to Survive the Pandemic Crisis

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3 Tips for SMEs to Survive the Pandemic Crisis

By CFO Tech Outlook | Monday, August 10, 2020

Helping customers during this challenging time is not confined to just engagement and problem-solving. Videos, guides, or tips in the form of easily accessible assets can help companies stay on point and keep things simple

FREMONT, CA: The global pandemic has left many companies re-work their strategy that focuses on business survival. Many SMEs have to ensure their business survives in the short term and make certain crucial decisions, especially with the workforce working remotely.

Here are three tips that can help SMEs survive during the pandemic

Top 10 Budgeting and forecasting Solution Companies - 2019Focus on Existing Customers

Businesses will need to focus on the existing customer by making sure that customers are satisfied with the product and services, which will allow a stable revenue stream. To retain current customers, it is vital to understand how their business is affected and how your product and services can help to solve the issues.

To keep existing customers satisfied, provide free value-added services, discounts on new purchases, or create a loyalty program. Make sure to stay in touch with the customers consistently to provide solutions in case there are obstacles they are facing or require assistance.

Be Empathetic to Customers

Companies must understand the difficulties that customers go through as well during this pandemic and be empathic towards them. Training your customer service agents and employees to understand customer concerns shows that your company takes customer experience and satisfaction seriously.

It is good to prepare the agents to answer tough questions and be understanding while trying to find the best possible solution to issues that can be product or service related or even policy related.

Keep Employees Motivated

The employee-customer relationship plays a crucial role in the business role, and the workforce should be able to take care of and handle customer support. Ensure your employees have all the requirements to work comfortably from home and provide the resources they need for a streamlined transition. Also, check on them by engaging in social interactions and communication to boost morale.

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