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1982 Ventures Enters into Partnership with Infobank, C&Venture Partners, and BTC Investment

CFO Tech Outlook | Thursday, March 25, 2021

The three South Korean investors partnered as the steering committee in a market entry program to help Korean startups brought by the investors to widen to Southeast Asia.

FREMONT, CA: 1982 Ventures, an early-stage venture capital firm in Southeast Asia, has entered a partnership with three pioneering South Korean investors, Infobank, C&Venture Partners, and BTC Investment. Parties have agreed on a Memorandum of Understanding to pursue strategic partnership in pursuing investments in Korea and Southeast Asia, using their respective resources to help market entry for Korean startups into Southeast Asia.

The partnership will offer the South Korean investors local support in Southeast Asia as the investors widen to new markets while ensuring 1982 Ventures has a strong partner on the ground in Korea to strengthen its ties to the Korean startup ecosystem. 1982 Ventures has leadership in early-stage investing in Southeast Asia. Its expertise in fintech was vital in selecting it as the long-term VC fund partner.

Partnerships from the market entry program endeavors to continuously develop end-to-end engagements of the startup ecosystem between Korea and Singapore from investments to commercialization in the local markets in Southeast Asia.  An increasing number of Korean investors and startups are beginning to see significant market opportunities in Southeast Asia. 1982 Ventures is honored and excited to partner with this group of South Korean investors to offer Southeast Asia access and market entry into Korea. Infobank, C&Venture Partners, and BTC Investments' collective leadership in technology and venture capital in Korea will ensure 1982 Ventures is well-positioned to use the Korean startup ecosystem.

Southeast Asia is a once-in-a-generation opportunity with half a billion consumers waiting for financial services.  The region is experiencing quick urbanization and has some of the world's highest technology adoption and mobile and internet penetration rates.  Southeast Asian fintech startups show more than 10 billion USD in unrealized value, with 100 projected fintech exits in the coming years. These technology firms are now coming to Southeast Asia alongside Korean investors to develop the region's next generation of unicorns.

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