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LivaBudget: Improving Budgeting Processes To Increase Efficiency

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Raid Bader,  Co-Founder, LivaBudgetRaid Bader, Co-Founder
Businesses competing to improve the efficiency of their budgeting processes sooner or later realize that knowledge and strategic planning hold the key to achieving their goals.

To this end, enterprise performance management (CPM) solutions offer valuable business insights through budgeting, financial planning, forecasting and data reporting. By using CPM solutions, key decision makers in organizations get all the necessary information to improve their business performance. However, many current CPM solutions do not provide the flexibility to turn the business around and increase profitability. In this context, LivaBudget steps into this challenge with its innovative and flexible CPM system that offers planning, budgeting, forecasting and financial consolidation capabilities.

LivaBudget CPM system, with its fully integrated and easy-to-use modules, enables customers to increase the efficiency and accuracy of their budgeting processes without the need for technical expertise. It allows customers to create ‘solo and consolidated budgets’ and apply various regulatory standards including COA, IFRS and GAAP with one click. With LivaBudget Budgeting Solution, organizations can eliminate problems such as erroneous and repetitive entries that may occur in manual transactions, and manage their time efficiently. The system also includes a variety of financial, performance and management dashboards and reports to help clients make appropriate business decisions to improve their profitability.

Because data holds the key to operational efficiency, LivaBudget’s intuitive connectors seamlessly ingest data using the customer’s existing ERP like SAP, Oracle suits, Infor, and others systems to increase data accuracy.

After data ingestion, the LivaBudget platform uses several different workflows to turn it into actionable information. Next, the system’s visualization layer provides different dashboards and reports for each member of the client’s team, from top management to accountants.

Data analytics allows decision makers on the client’s team to visualize current and previous data, compare scenarios and optimize budget factors, enabling them to make intuitive decisions and increase productivity to reach optimum levels.

Whether it’s a single company or a corporate holding, LivaBudget’s interactive budgeting significantly improves the performance of the client’s budget process by improving collaboration between all its departments.

“We are trying to push the culture of budgeting by actively engaging each of the customer’s departments involved with the budgeting process on our platform,” says Raid Bader, Co-Founder of LivaBudget.

LivaBudget is constantly improving its CPM system and has gained in-depth knowledge of the budgeting process in more than 18 industries, from pharmacy and real estate to e-commerce, spare parts, food and beverage.

  • We try to implement a culture of budgeting by actively engaging each of our clients’ departments related to the budgeting process on our platform

Using its vast knowledge and competence, the company offers a ready-to-use solution that covers the prerequisites for improving budgeting processes for these sectors. It allows easy customization options to set up, change or add new features on the company platform, depending on the specific needs of the client. The company’s CPM system supports multiple languages, including Turkish, English, Arabic, to help customers improve their budgeting process without language barriers.

With its innovative CPM system, LivaBudget has helped more than 6,000 users in 200 companies improve their budgeting processes. Many of these clients have switched from established players in the CPM industry to have a smooth journey with LivaBudget. The company’s success stems from its competent team that constantly goes the extra mile to help clients achieve the results they want. LivaBudget holds twice-weekly meetings with team members across departments to brainstorm technology and customer feedback and stay ahead of trends and potential issues.

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Raid Bader, Co-Founder

LivaBudget provides a CPM system that provides planning, budgeting, forecasting and financial consolidation capabilities.