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Jeff Russell, CEO and Don Needs, CFO , JitasaJeff Russell, CEO and Don Needs, CFO
Today, most enterprises fund various programs for nonprofits as a part of their corporate social responsibility initiative. However, the amount donated is mostly limited to the program costs alone and does not cover any additional expenses such as administrative overhead costs.

Derived from a phrase that translates to “The spirit of serving others” (Ji-Tah-Suh), Jitasa is a brand driven by their mission to amplify the administrative efficiency of charitable organizations. “We deliver accounting solutions exclusively tailored for nonprofits. Our strength has helped bridge the gap in corporate social responsibility effectively,” states Jeff Russell, CEO of Jitasa. The firm seeks to support non-profits in moving every penny of their saved overhead toward funding their programs.

Jitasa caters to its clients bookkeeping needs and manages several other tasks such as processing donations, creating monthly reports, payroll services, as well as the execution of accounting tasks associated with reconciliations. Reiterating Jitasa’s abilities, Don Needs, the Chief Financial Officer of the firm mentions that his organization invests in industry-leading technology to help clients streamline and automate their accounting process. In addition, Jitasa’s team of developers customize the latest accounting technology to address the needs of nonprofit clients.

Apart from bookkeeping and accounting services, Jitasa offers tax and advisory assistance to its clients. For many nonprofits across the United States, Jitasa has been the go-to resource for their 990 and state tax filing needs. The firm’s team of tax specialists have successfully completed over 3591 tax file reports for various organizations at a reasonable fee.

Irrespective of the size, annual revenue, mission, or location of an organization, Jitasa’s accounting team utilizes its group of experts and allows them to cater to nonprofits across sectors. This approach has helped the organization earn the trust of many prominent nonprofits, spanning from small initiatives to multi-million dollar organizations.

Jeff Russell and Don Needs recall one such client experience that illustrates the results driven by Jitasa. The decision-makers go on to describe how one of their esteemed clients made a seamless transition from a legacy accounts payable system to a technology-powered platform. This nonprofit organization initially went about emailing PDFs to several customers and patrons. The organization would even physically mail envelopes containing paychecks to various addresses. Jitasa helped the organization discard the legacy accounting system that couldn’t be integrated with external applications and shifted the approach toward a more integrated, technology-powered accounting system. The result was an automated and far more efficient digital accounts payable process.

More than merely being a vendor, the firm doubles as the accounting department for its non-profit clients, catering to their bookkeeping nee

The excellence of Jitasa’s advisory services, as testified by its 1,000+ clients, can be attributed to the firm’s exclusive Jitasa Strategic Advisory Team (J-SAT). This team is an ensemble of former CFOs who have rendered their services to several highly reputable nonprofits across the globe. The teams are spearheaded by an accounting representative who is dedicated to each client irrespective of their organization’s size to ensure consistent service and a personalized customer experience.

As a business that is comprised of more than 350 employees, Jitasa is well-versed with the wide spectrum of accounting hurdles that are plaguing nonprofits today. “The wealth of our knowledge, gained by addressing the needs of thousands of nonprofit clients is our greatest strength. This implies there’s rarely an accounting hurdle we haven’t addressed before,” quips Don Needs, summarizing why Jitasa is the partner of choice for nonprofits.

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Jeff Russell, CEO and Don Needs, CFO

Jitasa is an accounting and bookkeeping services provider that addresses the administration overhead needs of non-profit initiatives at affordable costs.