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Incentives Solutions: Enabling Comprehensive Sales Performance Measurement

CIO VendorAmir Fishslevich, CEO
There are times when an employer makes a commission overpayment to an employee and the reasons for the miscalculation stem from an accounting error or unsupportive system. Amir Fishslevich, CEO of Incentives Solutions, saw many businesses struggling with commission calculations that involved extracting data from various operational systems into Excel, and then using various Excel functions to calculate the final commission for each sales personnel. “I once asked a CFO of a large company how he knows that the final commission payment is accurate, to which he answered ‘frankly- I don’t’,” begins Fishslevich. Incentives Solutions was built on the premise of aiding companies gain transparency into commission payments by offering best-of-breed, flexible, and comprehensive sales performance measurement and incentive pay enabling systems that also increase employee motivation and output.

The firm is catering to the needs of customers from various industries by helping them calculate commission in billions of dollars, annually. “We are a state of the art SPM (Sales Performance Management) solution that enables businesses to increase its performance through an employee-centric approach,” adds Fishslevich. Incentives Solutions allows each salesman to know precisely how the commission is calculated, also drill down to all relevant transactions, and gain a clear picture of the targets in real time.

The company has developed their solution with laser focus on offering customers the highest level of flexibility they are looking for, both in terms of getting any data format, as well as with ways to create a commission model.“Our solution also includes a KPI Builder that transforms customer data into KPIs, and then through an intuitive and robust commission management module, we enable any type of commission rules to be built by non technical personnel,” explains Fishslevich.

Incentives Solutions’ offers Joopy, a cloud based multi-dimensional planning system that enables companies to rapidly create and deploy impactful incentive schemes, ensuring quick implementation from strategy concept to practice.

“We took all of the knowledge and experience we gained from our customers over the course of many years, and “squeezed” it into one agile, easy to use solution—Joopy,” explains Fishslevich. The solution also provides a Social SPM in which managers can empower employees through recognition on a more consistent basis. Managers can link events to badges, competitions, and leader boards to automate the awarding of virtual or actual incentives for positive sales behaviors.

Fishslevich shares an example of the utility of the commission calculating system—a mobile phones distributer wanted to analyze the impact of Incentives Solutions’ system on various KPIs. They took a team of 30 CSRs in a call center which had the same commission models and split the team into two groups; one remained with the manual commission calculation and the other group used the system. The group using the system showed a clear 21.3 percent improvement over the other group. “This happened as the users were able to see each day where they stood against their targets, how much commission they earned, identify weaknesses in real time, receive hints from the system on areas that required their focus, and also draw comparisons of performance with that of their colleagues,” adds Fishslevich.

According to Fishslevich, each sales channel can easily understand earning statement and improve performance with the insights received from the system–‘Next Best Action’. In the coming year, Incentives Solutions will introduce a set of tools which will allow their partners a quick implementation and understanding, and also provide more benefits to the customers.