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Fyxify: Home Service Made Easy and Energy-Efficient

Darren Dixon, founder and CEO, FyxifyDarren Dixon, founder and CEO
Historically, homeowners seeking new home comfort systems to replace existing ones would receive advice from their preferred retailer and finalize the installation. The current situation is in stark contrast, as the impact of climate change is driving an increasing demand for energy-efficient and cost-effective home systems. However, finding, sourcing, and installing in-home solutions that offer significant energy- and cost-saving benefits is easier said than done. Even when replacing an antiquated system, most homeowners tend to choose replacements that don’t provide the desired efficiencies. A key reason behind this is the limited knowledge consumers, and even retailers, have on the energy and operational efficiencies of incoming and incumbent systems.

Flipping this script with its portfolio of innovative home and field service management solutions that help homeowners and contractors identify and install the most cost- and energy-efficient solutions is fyxify.

“We are an energy/fintech company that expedites home service engagements with an automated experience that links homeowners with best-suited contractors and technicians. We also offer inventive financing models that allow consumers to weigh their investments toward a high-efficiency system with its long-term energy- and cost-savings before finalizing a purchase,” says Darren Dixon, founder and CEO of fyxify.

The company’s portyl™ connects every part of a home service engagement, including the consumer, contractor, technician, energy, and financial aspects, to transform the historically inefficient home service process into a consistent and valuable experience. The fyxify marketplace guides a homeowner in immediate need of service to select a verified service technician with relevant know-how to address their requirements quickly. fyxify also offers e-commerce solutions that allow homeowners to design, select, and secure replacement systems with integrated fintech options that facilitate ease of payment.

The company’s fintech competencies are backed by GreenSky, a subsidiary of Goldman Sachs, which allows fyxify to leverage its deep financing prowess. Powered by the comprehensive financial capabilities of Goldman Sachs, its contractor clients offer intuitive financing plans to homeowners without needing a dedicated platform to handle payment-related tasks.From a portfolio standpoint, the fyxify portyl™ also leverages a unique financial model that enables contractors to keep their operational costs low as they connect with homeowners and help them find, install, and finance energy-efficient systems. Even for end consumers, the company only charges nominal consumer convenience fees similar to popular consumer apps such as DoorDash or UberEats.

We also offer inventive financing models that allow consumers to weigh their investments toward a high-efficiency system with its long-term energy- and cost-savings before finalizing a purchase

Apart from its ability to help contractors lower their operational costs while increasing their business and cost savings, portyl’s unified architecture and end-to-end capabilities play a crucial role in enhancing its usage. Unlike its contemporaries that only offer end-to-end home service capabilities with added plug-ins and integrations, fyxify portyl™ provides everything, from budgeting, reporting, and pay plan recommendations to communication, collaboration, and technical support capabilities through a single pane of glass.

With such unparalleled capabilities, fyxify has ignited numerous customer successes since its inception in 2019. In one instance, the company assisted a startup in ensuring that high-efficiency solutions replaced their existing systems. With fyxify portyl™, the client was able to address 80 percent of their replacement needs with high-efficiency products. At the end of the collaboration, fyxify helped the startup achieve ten-fold business growth, a near-unachievable feat in the home service startup arena.

To prolong this track record of success, fyxify plans to continue leveraging the cumulative industry expertise of its C-suite and drive the incorporation of new intuitive features to its evolving portfolio. In conclusion, Dixon draws parallels with McDonald’s Ray Kroc and his approach to developing a new, better, and expertise-backed way of serving food, which led to the explosion of the U.S.-based fast food chain worldwide. On a mission to accomplish similar success, Dixon is currently enhancing its AI and neural networks and leading fyxify on a journey to transform the home service sector forever.

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Darren Dixon, founder and CEO

Through automation and a growing neural network, fyxify identifies the most cost-effective and energy-efficient solutions for homeowners at the time of service and presents the solution in a guided consumer experience. The company’s portyl™ is the ultimate home service solution for consumers and contractors. fyxify connects every part of the service experience on one simple, yet powerful platform.