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Konstantin Loebner, Founder & MD, ExpressSteuerKonstantin Loebner, Founder & MD
Over the last three decades, European cross-border fund distribution has increased exponentially. At the same time, the ever-changing regulatory landscape has brought both opportunities and increased compliance obligations, including tax reporting obligations for asset managers. Investor tax reporting for funds is a very demanding and constantly evolving area. In recent years, several jurisdictions including Austria, Germany, Switzerland and the United Kingdom have either introduced new tax reporting regimes or modified existing ones. In order to compete and to market their products effectively across Europe, fund managers now require a deeper understanding of country-specific investor tax reporting requirements.

ExpressSteuer is working to meet the tax, accounting, and compliance needs of professionals in corporations, accounting firms, law firms, and governments throughout the EMEA region. ExpressSteuer’s offers software that enables a full range of business and personal tax services and tools to manage accounting practice. With ExpressSteuer’s help, one can automate their entire business or professional tax preparation using the powerful, timesaving tools included with the company’s professional tax software as well as advisory services.

The solution seamlessly integrates with other every day tools so that its clients never lose any billable hours to manual processing – thus, meeting all of its client’s tax workflow needs with a customized, end-to-end solution built on cloud computing, advanced data sharing, and paperless processing. ExpressSteuer is supported by an experienced team of tax agents, bookkeepers, and a lawyer with vast experience in their respective fields.

Much more is possible than we think, we just have to do it

In addition, the company has round the clock customer support that helps its customers register on the website, prepares required forms and monitors the deadline for the tax refund. Companies can choose from various options for automation, including customized solutions, robotics and off-the-shelf applications. Several tools are available that will help organizations streamline their internal processes and generate reports as per tax documentation requirements.

For most tax functions, the challenge today is determining their requirements, tax technology strategy and resources to execute the strategy rather than the availability of solutions. With ExpressSteuer’s cloud-based solutions, the cost of deploying and maintaining large applications has come down significantly. The cost of sub-optimal compliance is becoming steeper, transparency and information sharing with tax authorities is becoming paramount, and tax authorities are asking “smart” and “informed” questions. Building on this theme and focusing on the agenda to help tax functions be ready for the future, ExpressSteuer is pleased to announce its second thought leadership on tax technology and transformation. Also, the company aims to provide readers with an understanding of the key global and trends directly impacting tax functions and the future state of digital tax. In short, ExpressSteuer guides organizations in their digital tax journey to embrace newer technologies such as automation and analytics, enabling them to respond to the changing tax landscape effectively. They expect that these factors, put together, would make a strong business case for tax functions incorporated to develop and execute a digital tax strategy.

Further, ExpressSteuer speaks in straightforward language without using complex terms and structures. The team is ready to do all the work related to communication with tax authorities and maximizing the number of tax credits for each and every customer of ExpressSteuer.

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Hamburg, Germany

Konstantin Loebner, Founder & MD

ExpressSteuer develops intelligent software solutions that automate the administrative processes in tax consulting and significantly reduce the processing time of tax return. With ExpressSteuer’s help, one can automate their entire business or professional tax preparation using the powerful, timesaving tools included with the company’s professional tax software as well as advisory services