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Chris Lenardson, Director - B2B Strategic Payment Partnerships, EMLChris Lenardson, Director - B2B Strategic Payment Partnerships
Aristotle famously quoted: Everything must be assessed in money; for this enables men always to exchange their services, and so makes society possible.

A plethora of automated technologies is emerging and simultaneously opening up new transactional opportunities. Microchip-based payment devices, such as chip cards and other new technologies involving transponders, are being tested across the globe. However, the current payment landscape experiences several challenges related to the speed of a payment, level of information that accompanies a payment, along with the associated cost and security. No matter what the industry or organizational structure, there has been a constant push to streamline and automatically control the Account Payable (AP) process. It is absolutely necessary to make payment processes more efficient and secure right from the start, so that it boosts customer service and increases brand loyalty.

“We look at ourselves as a boutique firm that efficiently simplifies the payment process. Our solution is structured in a customer-centric way to ensure that our clients’ requirements are met at any cost,” says Chris Lenardson, Director, B2B Strategic Payment Partnerships, EML. With a team of payment industry veterans, the company has established the go-to partner for companies looking for expertise in topics such as end-to-end secure financial transaction platforms, debit and credit card issuing, processing, merchant acquiring, card program management, and regulatory compliance.

To compete in today’s vibrant marketplace, companies need to have adequate bandwidth and cutting edge payment solutions. EML focuses on seamless and end-to-end support from creation to implementation and emphasizes on finding suitable and straightforward payment solutions to meet clients’ requirements and support them in embedding it into their processes.

We look at ourselves as a boutique firm as we are efficiently simplifying the payment process to better service our customers

By following a balanced approach, the company provides solutions that effectively manage business relationships with clients and their suppliers. To serve its customers in the best possible way, EML makes an effort to understand their clients’ strategic movements and planning toward future acquisition or expansions. The company delivers adequate operational efficiencies by utilizing back-office tools to manage cards, authorizations, and settlements in real-time.

EML’s vision and dedication toward its clients drive the business forward. “What differentiates us from our competitors is our vision. With our tagline of “money in motion,” we also emphasize on our clients’ emotions. The culture at EML is vibrant, and we work alongside our clients with full enthusiasm and excitement,” asserts Lenardson. Having multiple footprints across the globe, the company’s specialized team works in liaison with clients to empower them with simple and tailored made payment solutions.

EML has assisted several companies across industries to create instant and secure e-payment solutions. In one instance, a company was seeking for an instant payroll card. They approached EML with the issue and had the entire check-in process done on a single day with settlement funds on their payroll. EML provided a reloadable prepaid MasterCard that can be loaded with an agent’s share of a sale anytime the agent accepts a credit card payment. “With our technology, they increased their overall efficiency in paying commission to their agents. It offered more transparency in the entire process and gave agents quick access to their commission, “says Lenardson.

Additionally, EML has already gained a wider acceptance of its solution from organizations in the international market, including Europe, North America, and its principal market in Australia. Along the path of innovation, the company is looking forward to building a strategic relationship with its clients in the gaming industry as well.

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Chris Lenardson, Director - B2B Strategic Payment Partnerships

With payment solutions from EML, organizations will be empowered with more control, transparency, and flexibility over the payment processes. Whether organizations serve businesses or consumers, the enterprise makes the payment process more efficient and secure from start to finish, while helping clients improve customer service and increase brand loyalty. EML’s portfolio offers innovative payment technology solutions for payouts, gifts, incentives and rewards, and supplier payments. The business also issues mobile, virtual and physical card solutions to some of the largest corporate brands around the world, process billions of dollars in payments each year, and manage more than 1,100 programs across North America, Europe, and Australia