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Elite ERP Consultants of Texas, Inc.: Tackle Tax Technology Complexities with Ease

“Built on the principles of integrity and honesty, our mission is to provide tax technology and financial accounting services to our clients at a lower cost and help them succeed,” begins Janna Shepherd, Managing Partner, Elite ERP Consultants of Texas (EECOT).

Staying true to this objective for the past 17 years, EECOT has emerged as a global ERP, tax technology, financial accounting and treasury management consulting services provider. “Our aim is to be recognized as a leader in the industry. That’s why, we have successfully diversified our offerings over the years to assist clients in multiple ways,” Janna continued. Today, EECOT is a trusted partner for managing complex tax obligations owing to its ability to guide clients in implementing the right software products. “We ensure tax software’s integration with existing ERP and financial accounting systems. It allows businesses to automate complicated tax operations and meet legal tax statutory requirements, while reducing the burden on their employees,” Janna mentions.

More importantly, EECOT has the experience and expertise to deal with different kinds of taxes—such as sales and use tax, VAT, withholding tax, excise tax, income tax, to name a few—for US and International countries. The company also works on ERP and third-party tax software solutions to help clients assess, implement and support the best tax software solutions to seamlessly report results to federal and local tax authorities. The common software solutions that the company works with are: Vertex ( L,Q,O,Sales Tax Return, Retail, Payroll, Reporting, VAT), ONESOURCE / SABRIX ( Tax Determination, Tax Returns, Calendar, VAT, Transfer Pricing, Tax Provisions, GlobalNext, Mastersaf), Sovos/Taxware (SUT, Enterprise), and many others. Going the extra mile, EECOT offers ERP (SAP, Oracle, Peoplesoft) and Tax Accounting advisory services to help clients with Foreign Tax Compliance Act (FATCA), Tax Research and Gap Analysis, Exemption and Certificate Management, Property Tax software, etc.

Our firm is built on integrity and honesty to get the job done. We pride ourselves in consistently receiving excellent marks in customer satisfaction

While providing these services, EECOT always remembers that every client is different, so there cannot be a one-size-fits-all approach. “As a service provider, it is our responsibility to know our clients and rightly understand their problems. We do so by speaking to our clients and performing a current state assessment. This enables us to select the best software solution for them, estimate the duration, and resolve all their issues,” Janna prides.

Today, several public and private sector entities rely on EECOT to mitigate taxation complexities and efficiently run their business by complying with different regulations. For instance, the company is working with a Fortune 50 client for the last three decades to help them continuously upgrade existing tax and ERP solutions and make their employees more efficient through continuous training. “The key to our success is our team strives to learn cutting-edge software updates that will better serve our clients. We hold years of experience in the ERP and tax technology space with extensive knowledge of the software solutions,” Janna prides.

These instances of client success forged with EECOT’s dedicated and efficient team has enabled the company to carve its niche in the tax technology space. Currently, EECOT is hiring new people to diversify its employee base and subsequently, help its clients with more efficiency. In the future, EECOT has plans to add remote-on-call service to its portfolio, enabling clients to directly speak with a consultant when the need arises. “We understand that the tax landscape is evolving rapidly and without a sound solution, it is impossible for tax departments to perform reporting and adhere to strict regulations. EECOT is the go-to partner that helps business offload their entire tax burden,” Janna concludes.

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Elite ERP Consultants of Texas, Inc.

Elite ERP Consultants of Texas, Inc.

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