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Regardless of the business conditions of the day, be they managing rock solid growth or navigating rapidlychanging markets, having the ability to integrate and synchronize operational and financial performance management has proven invaluable to achieving improved planning across an organization. Unfortunately, this integration is very hard to achieve.

Historically, financial planning and operational planning systems have evolved under different conditions, and as a result, they tend to be siloed. In turn, the flexibility and nimbleness of synchronized performance management is severely impeded, which makes it difficult for financial and operations managers to trust the information they receive.

To help organizations eliminate these problems and enable more powerful forecasting and planning, deFacto Global has developed deFacto Power Planning. This platformindependent software solution eliminates the silo effect by fully integrating financial and operational planning in a single tool. deFacto Power Planning empowers business managers throughout an organization to take full command of their organization’s performance through real-time budgeting, forecasting, analysis and reporting across all financial and operational areas.

Using a single, unified application, business users within each functional area can build and maintain models of their specific business, then use those models as the basis for integrating their planning activities with all other functional areas across their organization. The result is truecrossenterprise planning capability that enablesa ny business manager to make the best decisions and plans for their business area and the entire company.

In addition, deFacto Power Planning enable seach user to choose the user Interface that is most appropriate for them to participate in the planning process. This includes Excel, Power BI, and the web, where each interface enablescritical twoway, read-and-write capabilities that empower finance and operations users to achieve coordinated planning across their organization.

"deFacto Power Planning is the only Corporate Performance Management (CPM) product that offers a twoway Power BI interface," said Bob Bedard, President and CEO of deFacto Global.

Our mission to deliver the ‘defacto’ business performance management solution for midsize and enterprise customers in any industry

“and a patented tabular database engine, based on Microsoft technology, that enables planners to handle some of the highest volumes of data in the industry.” With a mission to deliver the premier ‘defacto’ planning product for all Microsoft customers, deFacto Global uses standard Microsoft technology and just adds what was needed to deliver the highest levels of functionality that customers require. This approach ensures the lowest levels of maintenance and the highest levels of quality, performance, interoperability, and cost-effectiveness.

Most impressively, deFacto Planning recently swept the BPM Partners Pulse survey that measures customer satisfaction across 16 metrics. “We outranked virtually every one of our competitors across fifteen of the sixteen metrics, including budgeting and forecasting, analysis, consolidation, and exceptional overall customer satisfaction,” said Bedard.“We satisfy customers by offering best-in-class product capabilities across all functional categories,and by supporting our customers.”

Among deFacto Global’s many satisfied customers is world’s most recognized entertainment company that uses deFacto Planning to amortize and plan cash outlays on thousands of TV streaming video shows and movies, perform what-if analysis on cost and timing of content, reconcile and adjust their forecasting models based on changes in actuals, and forecast the number of subscribers for certain content. Moving to deFacto Planning not only addressed the limitations with their previous solution but opened the door to a wide range of advanced planning, analysis, and forecasting capabilities beyond what was possible before.

deFacto Global continues to improve its solution by investing in advanced technologies, including artificial intelligence, machine learning, Azure Cloud services,and building an extensive library of models and data source integration.

“Besides enabling organizations to capitalize on AI and other advanced technologies,we are building out an extensive library of vertical and horizontal solutions, bothfor our implementations and with technology partners,” said Bedard.

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