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CIO VendorMohammed Ghani, President & CEO
Aperceptible shift towards the use of sophisticated accounting solutions by Small and Midsize Businesses (SMBs) explains the rapid growth of the Accounting Software industry in the recent years. Specialized accounting software caters to the industry specific requirements in a vertical market that is prone to the influences of a rapidly changing technological landscape. “The largest emerging technological trends impacting the small business financial arena are mobile data and cloud services,” remarks Mohammed Ghani, President and CEO, CheckMark.

Based out of Fort Collins, CO, CheckMark specializes in providing cost–effective accounting and payroll solutions to SMBs in U.S. and Canada. The company holds the distinction of rolling out the first accounting software solution called General Ledger for Mac OS in 1984, following it up with the launch of the Payroll, MultiLedger, and 1099, that were a welcome respite for enterprises still stuck with generic accounting tools. CheckMark has been offering Payroll Services since 2011. The company just launched an application for 1095 Affordable Health Care Act in 2015.

A seasoned double-entry accounting system that adheres to the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) guidelines, CheckMark’s MultiLedger is a holistic solution for an enterprise’s financial reporting needs. It facilitates a single click access to business documents like quotes, sales and purchase orders, and invoices with options to regulate access to business instruments to prevent unauthorized transaction changes. Other features of the application include built-in bank reconciliation for balance-tracking and monitoring, the “Adjust Inventory” option for adjustments in physical inventory, and generation of consolidated reports. The application can process 1099-MISC forms and generate financial statements like balance sheet, Income Statement, cash flow, ratio analysis, sales/purchase analysis, profitability, and a budget vs. target analysis.

Clients can talk to us about new policies they may be implementing and we can help by giving them ideas and streamline their processes

Recent studies indicate the undesirability of the Accounting and Payroll tasks for SMBs and how their pain points include data security issues, calculation of taxes and deductions, and compliance with payment related deadlines to avoid hefty penalties. CheckMark’s Payroll software allows its clients to create unlimited databases for multiple companies while integrating easily with existing accounting programs as well as Checkmark’s very own Multi-Ledger Accounting Software. “CheckMark takes the responsibility for filing and paying the taxes accurately and in a timely manner which takes a lot of pressure and worry away from the client,” elaborates Ghani. The company also offers time and attendance management solutions, an HR Access Center, and paper products like customizable business checks.

CheckMark’s accounting software expertise spans over three decades, during which they assisted numerous SMBs by delivering efficient accounting solutions. A recent client purchased the company’s MultiLedger Accounting software to transition from a spreadsheet based accounting system to a full-fledged accounting and payroll software. MultiLedger helped them save a considerable amount of time that would have been lost in the manual creation of the financial statements from the spreadsheets. “Clients can talk to us about new policies they may be implementing and we can help by giving them ideas and streamline their processes,” delineates Ghani.

Going forward, CheckMark wants to incorporate Business Intelligence and disaster recovery mechanisms in its solutions and is partnering with Microsoft Corporation to develop cloud-based and mobile versions of its products to be offered using the SaaS model with a “pay as you go” pricing flexibility. Many of CheckMark’s clients are first time entrepreneurs with limited knowledge of accounting practices. “We first try to understand their immediate needs and then steer them towards the products that we believe will help them the most. These customers are our every-day heroes,” concludes Ghani.