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Channel VAS: Delivering Financial Inclusion and Affordable Loans

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Bassim Haidar, CEO, Channel VASBassim Haidar, CEO
Rather than disrupting the financial industry, fintechs are facilitating financial inclusion to the unbanked and underserved population—due to lack of infrastructure and credit history. By leveraging mobile technology, fintechs are able to overcome the limitations of traditional banking systems and offer financial services to people in remote areas and with low income. Channel VAS is one such fintech company that provides the best of breed technology and means to deliver financial inclusion by leveraging big data, credit analysis, and unique human-centric customer experience. Channel VAS provides mobile financial services, airtime credit and airtime advance services, handset loans, and big data analytics through cutting-edge proprietary tools.

As a social enterprise Channel VAS intends to lead global economic and social development ensuring convenience and accessibility to financial services for everyone. For mobile operators and micro-finance institutions, Channel VAS offers unique micro and nano finance solutions. Some of the solutions are XtraCash, which provides instantaneous and hassle-free access to credit on mobile and bank accounts and Pay-as-you-go electricity, which enables credit to conveniently unlock energy supply at home when funds are insufficient. In addition, ‘Micro and nano loans’ provides micro-finance institutions with a platform to advance money to subscribers and allow monthly installment repayments. These solutions enable MNOs to advance credit to their subscribers, who in turn can repay through monthly installments at low-interest rates. And at the heart of Channel VAS’ solutions is a cutting-edge proprietary credit scoring platform that relies on hundreds of data points per customer to analyze financial behavior.

Channel VAS is the leading airtime credit provider delivering unmatched performance to clients. The company’s Digital Financial Platform (DFP) is a fully managed airtime credit and airtime advance solution that offers a unique technology to monetize out-of-credit subscribers. DFP distributes up to 30 percent of the MNOs prepaid airtime credit and airtime advance sales, with no financial risk to operators while at the same time provides satisfaction to customers and increases brand loyalty. Another major issue for financial inclusion in today’s emerging market is the lack of funding to purchase a smartphone so that people can access microloans. Channel VAS provides a fully managed handset financing program to MNOs to boost average revenue per user and loyalty. In addition, Channel VAS also provisions the need to secure investment through a proprietary device locking solution, which is embedded in all distributed phones. Once the payment deadline has passed, the solution can temporarily lock the phone remotely until the customer pays the monthly installment.

Harnessing the power of big data and artificial intelligence, Channel VAS can gather hundreds of data points per customer and analyze them meaningfully to reach useful conclusions through solid predictive methodologies. The advanced big-data analytics capabilities that Channel VAS employs allow for capturing opportunities in the world’s fastest-growing mobile financial service markets with an increasing number of mobile financial applications. In 2017, a leading investment company based in Abu Dhabi acquired a stake in Channel VAS and this acquisition helped build a strategic and integrated partnership that promotes expansion. Similarly, in 2018 Ethos, a leading South African investment company agreed to partner with Channel VAS. Incorporated in 2012, the company has wide experience in emerging markets and a strong presence in more than 30 countries in Africa, Middle East, Asia, and Latin America. Moreover, with an addressable base of over 700 million mobile subscribers that are dependent on the service offered for the advance of credit, Channel VAS’ operations account for $3 billion value, with enormous potential for growth. Utilizing big data, credit analysis, and a unique human-centric customer experience, Channel VAS continues to improve people’s lives, delivering financial inclusion and affordable loans.

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Channel VAS

Channel VAS

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Bassim Haidar, CEO

Innovative fintech company that provides mobile financial services, airtime credit services, handset loans, and big data analysis