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CIO VendorBarry Clapp, President & CEO
In a competitive business world, effective functioning of finance departments plays a vital role for organizational success. Gathering clear insight on the overall financial performance against the backdrop of constant data flux and diversity of information sources can be a mountainous task for companies that rely on redundant spreadsheet methods. Despite the number of financial reporting, budgeting and forecasting software application and tools that have emerged in the technology market, enterprises are slow in adopting new products into their ecosystems owing to issues around cost, complexity, and implementation. Centage caters to these needs of organizations by providing effective software solutions that smoothen their financial operations with a touch of simplicity. “Financial professionals are continuing to looking for ways to improve the traditional budgeting processes and to adopt more flexible, automated solutions that can support the pace of their business,” explains Barry Clapp, President & CEO, Centage.

The Natick, MA based, Centage’s cost-effective, easy to implement, accurate, and scalable automated software solutions are transforming the financial processes for many small to medium-sized organizations. The firm’s flagship product, Budget Maestro and its derivatives contribute to the smooth sailing of the financial activities and allow users to represent their budgets in a way that mirrors what is in their general ledger. The solution also helps users to replicate their company’s structure for future financial capacities without altering their business principles. “This would enable them to forecast the balance sheet and cash flow of their budget to reveal results as well as determine future financial prospects of the company,” said Clapp.

As opposed to the traditional process of finance and budget forecasting where most of the companies rely on formulae and tedious Excel work sheet, the Budget Maestro relies on formula-free work environment along with an easier interface to derive accurate calculations in less time.

Budget Maestro relies on formula-free work environment along with an easier interface to derive accurate calculations in less time

Centage also trains its customers on how to use the suite of Budget Maestro applications. The solutions is inclusive of another product, Analytics Maestro, an add-on to Budget Maestro application works on the same principle—no formulae.

Many organizations have deployed Budget Maestro and witnessed tremendous improvement in their financial and budgeting systems and practices. One of the firm’s recent customers, the Houston Baptist University was dealing with the challenge of segregating financial data of 70 different departments in campus and transforming to meaningful reports. The Planning and Budget Director, Financial Operations of the University approached Centage to implement the Budget Maestro and Analytics Maestro solution that not only helped them improve the overall budgeting process, but has enabled them to capitalize on the growth opportunities while gearing up for the future demands.

Centage continues its focus by improving the user interface of its solutions that can be adapted by any user and transform the conventional way of providing service to the new-age cloud based solution. Adopting cloud as their base, the firm defines flexibility across organizations and is currently set to launch the iteration of Budget Maestro and Analytics Maestro with updates and features for faster processing and bigger secure data storage. “We are constantly working to enhance our user interface, and encourage operational users across the organization. We believe it has been quite empowering to streamline the budgeting and forecasting process through our Budget Maestro for improved visibility into the financial health of our customers,” concludes Clapp.