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Florian Kappert, Co-Founder and CEO, BilendoFlorian Kappert, Co-Founder and CEO
Porsche Holding is the largest automotive distributor in Europe and one among the leaders of the industry today. Needless to say, the company receives sizable payments from its clients situated across various corners of the world, selling over 700,000 vehicles just last year. The accounts department of Porsche Holding, with such high sales records, has clearly never seen a dull day throughout 2019.

So, how does a large company such as this manage transactions worth billions of Euros every day, without miscounting a single shingle? Bilendo, an organisation that houses the most experienced fintech professionals, has the answer. Supporting Porsche Holding with its immaculate global debtor management and accounts receivable (AR) solutions, Bilendo presents itself as a steady, reliable backbone for financial progress and delivers the same excellence to its entire clientele of over 500 brands.

Based out of Munich, Germany, Bilendo has developed a cloud-based, end-to-end credit management platform to address every financial challenge a company may encounter. “In a world where liquidity is becoming increasingly important, organisations will need to adopt newer technologies, and, consequently, expect new business risks,” expresses Florian Kappert, co-founder and CEO of Bilendo. The company’s platform promises users an easy and extremely secure medium to strengthen their bottom line while maintaining scalability. Bilendo’s credit management solution focuses on reducing costs, recognising risks, increasing liquidity, and protecting the resources of both the client and their customers. The platform seamlessly integrates with leading accounting software for a flexible, out-of-the-box, and fast implementation with several features to streamline interdepartmental workflows as well. “Bilendo has always been about making accounting scalable.

Bilendo has always been about making accounting scalable

Our belief in the power of collaboration and automation is integral to everything we do, which is why our mission at Bilendo is to help companies manage AR efficiently and thereby enable scalable business growth,” adds Kappert.

The management within the company firmly believes that, for a truly efficient accounting workflow, man and machine must work together in complete unison. To that end, Bilendo offers comprehensive debtor and dispute management services that best work in tandem with its dunning software, alongside the automation capabilities offered by its platform. Dunning marks the beginning of AR processes in a company and thus must be completely error-free, especially for larger enterprises with several international customers. Bilendo’s intuitively designed solutions help automate and manually configure dunning runs according to an organisation’s preferences, providing clients with the ability to control the behaviour of customer invoices.

“Software is for humans; enabling them to make better decisions. We believe that taking risks is a key driver to success. Therefore, Bilendo thrives on building the perfect software that guarantees faster payments, loyal customers, at the lowest possible cost,” states Kappert. More importantly, the company’s approach to risk management is represented in the form of a unique credit scoring module. Bilendo leverages machine learning technologies to fuel powerful software that extrapolates credit information from internal and external sources to create detailed reports. With the help of this information, companies are better equipped to strategise and make mission-critical decisions. Bilendo’s connection to some of the world’s largest networks of shipping and SMS delivery companies further bolsters its ability to drive connectivity and customer engagement for its clients.

With the belief that software should be made to put a smile on the face of its users, Bilendo incorporates the most intuitive features into its platform. As the company continues to grow, machine learning seems to be a key focus area concerning future updates and integrations. The spike in the number of digital transactions since the spread of COVID-19 additionally supports Kappert’s earlier statement of liquidity, and Bilendo has a head start in delivering the much-needed AR solution and services for clients across the globe.

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Munich, Germany

Florian Kappert, Co-Founder and CEO

Bilendo is the modern credit management platform on which companies can centrally map, control, and automate all processes for minimising credit risk. Bilendo maps the entire invoice-to-cash process with all relevant credit management tools, which can be combined individually as required. These include accounts receivable management, debt collection, dunning, customer portals, service portals, payment transactions, factoring, risk management, and bad debt protection. Bilendo offers a high degree of flexibility and expertise for the individual design of processes and workflows—completely independent of the existing infrastructure