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Tahsin Gur, CFO, Basel HoldingTahsin Gur, CFO
In today’s business realm, where customer and vendor profiles and revenue sources tend to change rapidly, finance departments often struggle to attain a holistic and transparent view of their revenue streams. As a result, it becomes difficult for CFOs to project their company’s future finances, measure the effectiveness of their current business strategies, and manage financial risks. To this end, it is essential for organizations to implement the right revenue management solutions.

Enter Basel Holding—an Europay, Mastercard, and Visa (EMV) certified, end-to-end payment service provider. The company delivers comprehensive, secure, and reliable revenue management products and solutions to the banking and finance industry, state institutions, and SMBs worldwide. Basel Holding offers a wide range of services, software, and 24/7 operations solutions.

Basel Holding initiates its client engagement by thoroughly analyzing and understanding their business model to identify the sources and factors that drive revenue and the organization’s cost structure. Basel Holding offers a customized solution that fits the client’s unique needs. Even after implementing its technology and solutions, the company remains in touch with clients to continually improve their revenue stream by providing comprehensive services. Tahsin Gur, CFO of Basel Holding, says, “Revenue is the lifeline of organizations, and managing client’s revenue through technology, availability and transparency become crucial. In other words, the technology should be accompanied by high-quality service, maintenance, and support.”

Moreover, with the changing financial landscape, the relationship between CEO and CFO is also changing, especially for the FinTech community. Gur believes that this relationship needs to be maintained with constant dialogue.

Revenue is the lifeline of organizations, and managing client’s revenue through technology, availability and transparency become crucial. In other words, the technology should be accompanied by high-quality service, maintenance, and support

“Along with the ideal target metrics for R&D, percentage of revenue, and sales efficiency, organizations’ overall goals need to be clearly communicated to the CFO to improve the revenue,” says Gur. He further adds that the CEO knows a product’s competitive strengths and weaknesses most of the time. Therefore, Basel Holding brings the CEO and CFO together as a team to add value to the business, covering all the aspects from onboarding quality sales reps to implementing comprehensive training programs and marketing techniques to generate more leads and enhance revenue. This helps organizations ascertain the effects of the budget change on the operational aspect of the business. “It’s not about asking for more budget or changing the budget itself; it is actually figuring out how the budget change will affect the operational aspect of businesses,” Gur mentions.

Today, several financial institutes and municipalities use Basel Holding’s end-to-end solutions to address the budgetary and logistical challenges. For instance, the UAE government utilizes Basel Holding’s Smart tellers to free up its employees from daunting routine tasks. With the self-service kiosk, citizens can efficiently perform routine procedures such as renewing and printing a driver’s license, identity card or permit from easily accessible locations such as shopping malls and academic campuses.

With many such successful implementations, Basel Holding is looking forward to expanding its footprints in the Middle East and Africa through mergers and acquisitions. The company is continuously extending its intelligent revenue management services in different verticals of the FinTech industry to solve day-to-day budgetary and logistical issues. “Through our on- and off-site technical support, monitoring, and consultancy services, we are continually ensuring customer satisfaction,” concludes Gur.

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Basel Holding

Basel Holding

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Tahsin Gur, CFO

Basel Holding offers revenue management products and services, including secure and reliable hardware, software, and 24/7 operations solutions for the FinTech industry and state institutions