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Axiom EPM: Unified Platform for Budgeting and Forecasting

CIO VendorJason Sussman, CEO of Software Division
Gone are the days when traditional and manual system of record keeping, budgeting, and planning guided businesses that seldom gave accurate results with only predictable and minimal budgeting changes. With the increasing competition and a changing economic environment, companies need to envelop themselves with technology and solutions that are better and smarter in predicting and forecasting their financial standing. Organizations are waking up to this fact and are striving relentlessly to focus on the gaining visibility and accuracy while predicting budgetary and financial planning, with line items for the pay and benefits of individual employees, and revenue of every product. Intensifying this growth is Axiom EPM— a Kauffman Hall company provides best-in-the-class enterprise performance management software tools to empower finance professionals to analyze results, model the future, and optimize decision making.

“Our core and industry-specific solutions comprise of one, truly unified platform that is designed to accelerate enterprise performance management (EPM),” asserts Jason Sussman, CEO, Software Division, Axiom EPM. “Our software embraces and extends Microsoft Excel functionality to manage data in a familiar environment while providing unmatched modeling flexibility.” The Portland, OR-based firm offers intuitive, easy to use software for broad adoption across organizations and also provides robust, sophisticated modeling to accommodate complex plans. With Axiom EPM, insurance companies can also plan and monitor performance, ultimately improving customer retention and acquisition. Further, the solutions integrate financial and operational data from varied sources for trusted reporting and operates performance management in the cloud, on-premise or on any mobile device. Axiom Software Suite for budgeting and planning are connected to market and serves as the operational drivers of a customer’s organization.

“Our budgeting and forecasting solution supports rolling forecasts and all forms of planning, including driver-based, staff, sales, long-range, and strategic,” delineates Sussman. Eliminating the pitfalls around the error-prone stand-alone spreadsheets, Axiom’s software evaluates the impact of changing assumptions on projected financial futures.

Our core and industry-specific solutions comprise of one, truly unified platform that is designed to accelerate enterprise performance management (EPM)

In addition, it spends more time on strategy and planning by instead of reconciling and managing data.

Furthermore, Axiom software’s strategy management solution helps organizations to define and track goals, strategies, and tactics by developing and identifying key performance indicators (KPIs) and target metrics. It tends to create a comprehensive multi-year plan inclusive of financial and operational data including corporate targets additionally creating scorecards for stakeholders to view organizational performance.

In one instance, Axiom EPM assisted United States Federal Credit Union (UNFCU), as they were in need of a centralized repository of data. UNFCU wanted to leverage a Microsoft Excel-based solution, and embrace the familiarity of Excel while expanding on some of its capabilities. They were running into roadblock as their executives had minimal control over data. With Axiom EPM’s profitability, budgeting, reporting and funds transfer pricing solutions for financial institutions, UNFCU was able to significantly save time in financial reporting. Axiom offered complete transparency into Funds Transfer Pricing (FTP) calculations and cash flows for the client. UNFCU strengthened their existing capabilities by leveraging FTP results to better understand profit contributions for budgets and actual results.

The success stories of Axiom stand as a testament to the functionality and vast applicability of its solutions in addressing the issues in the realm of financial planning and budgeting. “We wish to explore the future by serving our clients as a trusted advisor and helping them drive widespread user adoption of solutions to make their invaluable information and analysis flow through their systems,” concludes Sussman.