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Roger Markham, Product and Marketing Manager, Artsyl TechnologiesJeffrey Moore, Chief Sales Officer
Several industry studies have revealed that the average time document-based processes consumes is roughly fourteen days-even today. These exhaustive manual and error prone processes, comprising of receipt, sorting, verification, and tracking transactional activities, is what is driving businesses to look for automation solutions to remain competitive. That aside, these manual activities further drain resources and prove to be costly. However, with the onset of cloud, enterprises are experimenting with cloud-based, on-prem and hybrid solutions in an attempt to process documents in significantly less time. Amongst the solution providers, Artsyl Technologies, an Ontario-based firm, is taking the road less travelled by devising the first of its kind Action-Solutions. The organization has carved a niche in the financial control and automation realm by engineering prepackaged process-specific automation solutions that have innate intelligence for data extraction, data and business rules validation and routing. “We harness the benefits of the best-of-breed digital transformation technologies to quickly implement holistic business process automation solutions, such as Invoice, Sales Orders and Remittance processing to our clients that render significant returns,” mentions Roger Markham, Product and Development Manager, Artsyl Technologies.

Recently, Artsyl Technologies released the docAlpha 6.1--the latest version of its flagship platform, docAlpha--an Intelligent Process Automation platform. The triumph of this unique solution lies in the fact that it eliminates the need for multiple personnel involved in manual processing by automating mission-critical activities. And greatly simplifies the implementation and deployment process by getting users processing documents early in the process and through leveraging Machine Learning, it greatly reduces the time required for document requirements and development.

By devising the first of its kind Accounts Payable (AP) Automation solution, Artsyl Technologies, has significantly revamped traditional invoice processing

Unlike many industry peer solutions today which rely on multiple applications to extract relevant data, before injecting it into the ERP, docAlpha is a single interface that captures useful data from documents and loads it into the enterprise’s system.

Markham shares the experience of a recent collaboration with a leading home decor manufacturer to explain his firm’s document management capabilities better. This retail organization, which sold myriad customized products online, had implemented a cloud-based ERP system for critical business transactions. Collecting invoices and sales orders from vendors and customers across the US was the most crucial activity that determined the organization’s returns. However, amassing these documents from various sources within a stipulated time was quite an uphill task for the manufacturer and required the assistance of an external consultant. Artsyl Technologies’ team bridged its on-premise and cloud-based, automated solution with the manufacturer’s existing processes to ensure orders are received in a timely fashion. In addition, the solution delivered also helped the retail enterprise validate the availability of items in their inventory, update clients with the same information, and shorten shipment time. Thus, Artsyl Technologies helped address vital requirements of the manufacturer’s customer retention strategy.

Artsyl Technologies is also quite adept at data mining and recently employed the technique to assist an organization to parse through the history of their invoices and extract useful information. The organization is currently striving to amplify its capabilities by exploiting the benefits of Machine Learning and other cutting-edge technology disciplines. In the days to come, the organization intends to analyze data to gather many useful insights and deliver those to the clients, in addition to extraction. Assisting clients to ensure automated payments, apart from invoice processing is also one of the agendas on Artsyl’s roadmap.