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Tony Connolly, Founder & CEO, AccountsIQTony Connolly, Founder & CEO
In today’s rapidly changing business environment, companies have started to realise that managing finances manually is not feasible and incurs several errors that may lead to critical financial losses. At the backdrop of this is accounting and financial technologies enabling companies to automate their financial operations and enhance the operational efficiency of their finance departments. A premier in Europe’s financial sector and votes best mid-marketing accounting software of 2019 is AccountsIQ— the London-based software provider of accounting, consolidating, and business intelligence solutions.

With over a decade of experience in Ireland and the UK, AccountsIQ has brought innovative and smarter accounting solutions to mid-sized organisations and groups. Consisting of highly skilled and talented individuals, the provider of cloud-based applications offers its solutions in an affordable and bespoke manner. AccountsIQ enables its clients to unlock their financial management and accounting potential with its accounting softwares. The company’s solutions simplify the capture, processing, and reporting of transactions. AccountsIQ specialises in high-growth and multi-entity businesses looking to automate their financial operations and reporting.

Using AccountsIQ’s accounting software, businesses can manage their multiple subsidiaries and automate their financial processes. Corporations comprising more than one company struggle with consolidating their accounts across the group. AccountsIQ enables them to consolidate all accounts into one, where managers can easily access critical financial information without navigating through multiple platforms. The software identifies each subsidiary’s account individually, allowing decision-makers to spot trends across the whole business and generate accurate reports in real-time. AccountsIQ deals with multiple currencies and dynamic exchange rates automatically, enabling its clients to handle complex ownership structures and minority shares efficiently.

With over a decade of experience in Ireland and the UK, AccountsIQ has brought innovative and smarter accounting solutions to mid-sized organisations and groups

Individuals can upload their expenses and raise purchases orders, and finance teams can approve them remotely. AccountsIQ allows role-based user profiles allowing employees across a company to access dashboards with appropriate account information. In addition to the accounting solutions, the company offers comprehensive businesses analytics platforms that enable detailed financial data analytics for business development.

AccountsIQ’s provides advanced financial analysis for businesses where clients can configure reports according to their goals and generate insights regarding their performance. Being cloud-based, the platform can be accessed live from any device at any time. Users can add tags to specific transactions and group them for creating reports. AccountsIQ’s solutions have inbuilt APIs that seamlessly integrate with other cloud-based tools and streamlines financial operations. The company has software integration partnerships with TransferMate Global Payments, Salesforce, Kefron, Opera, and more. Owing to its customer-centric solutions, AccountsIQ serves many businesses in the UK, such as the Queen’s Park Equity (QPE), a UK-based private equity firm with a focus on healthcare, technology and business services.

Since its inception, QPE has outsourced the accounting and administrative operations to a third-party vendor. However, the founder soon realised a need for an in-house accounting tool that will enable them to monitor and control inter-company transactions. The company decided to employ AccountsIQ’s platforms. After that, QPE could easily manage VAT, payrolls and monitor their transactions through the software. The company also captured establishment costs and ongoing costs that automatically flew through the legal entities to the fund. AccountsIQ was also recently chosen by The Irish Times Group as the financial software solution provider. AccountsIQ will empower the company to cater to various business units with different revenue models and quickly provide group reporting. Owing to its innovative software solutions and collaborative approach, AccountsIQ will soon become an industry leader in the global financial ecosystem.

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London, England

Tony Connolly, Founder & CEO

AccountsIQ is smart cloud accounting software that transforms your finance function. With innovative accounting automation tools to help you complete tasks with ease and deliver accurate insights right across your organisation. All of this from one application and in real-time. AccountsIQ's award-winning cloud-based Financial Management Software (FMS), launched in 2008 in Dublin, simplifies how multi-entity businesses capture, process and report their results. It provides anytime-anywhere access to dynamic businesses, growing via subsidiaries, branches, SPVs or through a franchise model. Its unique architecture allows it to consolidate thousands of entities in a group. Its open API allows integration with 3rd party software and it is already integrated with TransferMate Global Payments, Lightyear, BrightPay, Kefron AP, Chaser, Stripe, Fusebill, Salesforce and ISAMs