Redefining Financial Management with the First-Ever Accounting Platform

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Redefining Financial Management with the First-Ever Accounting Platform

Tony Zorc, CEO, Accounting SeedTony Zorc, CEO, Accounting Seed
Tony Zorc started Accounting Seed in 2008, creating an open architecture accounting application on the Salesforce Platform. The goal for the product was to be the most flexible and scalable accounting solution in the world. With over 1,000 accounting licenses sold, and in every industry, our customers feel that we have achieved just that. How? Let’s take a look.

Your Accounting System Matters. Here’s Why

Accounting Seed as a product, and company, strives to help businesses understand and fully utilize the power of their accounting. A powerful accounting system is one of the company’s greatest assets. Besides managing day-to-day finances in real-time, a cloud-based accounting tool like Accounting Seed helps you make the best decisions possible for your company. This is because accounting data is needed to truly understand customers’ preferences and overall business performance. Your financial health provides a clear picture of your company’s well being and lets you visualize areas you need to address to achieve true success.
  • A powerful accounting system is one of the company’s greatest assets

However, poor or inflexible accounting solutions can be restrictive, forcing you to manage your finances in a way that doesn’t sync with your actual needs. Companies still waste time and money dealing with rigid accounting applications. Accounting Seed solves this problem while championing flexibility, automation, visibility, and security within its core design.

Redefining Accounting Technology

From its inception, Accounting Seed’s design the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) mindset, mirroring the Salesforce Platform it was built on. Instead of forcing users to perform processes the way a software maker designed, our accounting platform provides a toolset and adjustable tech structure to empower users. And stronger accounting.

Accounting Seed is the only one accounting platform on the market, distinguishable from thousands of accounting applications. An IT platform, by design, is created to be built on top of and customized. This differs from an application which typically provides a set complement of tools and way of harnessing them. As an accounting platform, Accounting Seed lets companies dictate the exact process of their accounting. Our flexibility allows for endless customization and configuration which gives users the edge in financial management. Accounting Seed’s robust and flexible design enables you to drive your entire back office in the way that best suits your business’ unique requirements. As customer Andrei Tsygankov said,

“Accounting Seed is not a walled garden, we are not locked-in to someone else’s way of doing things. If something does not work the way we need it to, we can change it or build it to suit our needs. We can also leverage many of the unique, third-party tools available via the AppExchange.” – Andrei Tsygankov, Partner, Founders Legal (Bekiares Eliezer LLP)

While we provide basic accounting system functions, our customers also have features with more advanced ways to control the overall system.
These include out-of-the-box Salesforce features that give convenience and security. You can view some of them here.

A Highlight of our Top Features

Our flexibility, ease of use, and customer support has led us to achieve multiple awards and secure top rankings on software reviews. We continually improve our features to ensure a strong user experience. Accounting Seed maximizes data accuracy while streamlining accounting processes and creating a collaborative platform that enables better business decision making.

Accounting Seed maximizes data accuracy while streamlining accounting processes and creating a collaborative platform that enables better business decision making

Here are a few of our top features:

• Financial reporting

We provide a full complement of financial reports including comparative of budget to actual, comparative of budget to budget, profit and loss, cash flow, and more. We also enable you to create custom reports with formatting and calculations unique to any business.

• Full-scale security

Being on the Cloud protects your accounting data from a variety of natural disasters, but your finances are still threatened by hacking, internal fraud, and other risks. Accounting Seed defenses to safeguard your critical financial data against all internal and external threats. These also include internal control features that you can automate and articulate to suit any need and compliance requirement. Be sure to learn more about the alarming data security threats and trends in our 2020 Guide to Financial Security: Accounting Systems.

• Fund accounting options

Optimized for nonprofits, but also valuable for for-profit accounting. Track critical data and amounts for initiatives throughout your organization and easily pinpoint donation trends and measure if target goals are within reach.

• Audit trail

Our in-depth audit trail provides added security, accuracy, and ease to your financial process. Resolve critical accounting errors and identify ways to improve budgeting and workflow by instantly drilling down into the numbers to get the answers you need.

• Advanced automation

Anything that can be put into logic, our system can automate it. Accounting Seed is fully equipped with batch automation, event automation, and scheduled jobs. We also provide functionality for fully automated internal control processes.

• Sales order management

Create consolidated sales orders more streamlined than ever before. Initiate a sales order, allocate inventory to reserve products, and record packing and shipping details right from the sales order.

• Purchase order control

Fully customize purchase order management processes by tracking creation and approvals of orders, receipt of goods in the warehouse, and more.

For more details on our other features, check out our 2020 Accounting Technology Buyers Guide.

If you’re interested in the power of an accounting platform, please reach out for a free demo. We’d love to explore how our solution can boost your accounting’s efficiency and value.
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