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Blockchain beyond the Financial World
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The blockchain is marking its presence in different industries, but still majority of them perceives it as something that is limited to the finance sector only, specifically cryptocurrency and ICO. As a result, other advantages or benefits of this...

Get Paid Faster With These Eight Invoice Tips
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Asking your customers or clients to pay an invoice isn't the feature of the day for entrepreneurs. Be that as it may, it's an essential task that will make or break your business. That is the reason for having a formal, proficient...

Safeguard Yourself From Online Scams!
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As e-commerce booms, there is a significant rise in online frauds with newer risks arising every day. No one can stay completely safe from scams. History stands testimony to the fact that whenever methods of preventing a certain type of scam are...

Fintech Platforms Come to Small Businesses' Rescue
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Financial technology platforms are assisting small companies in all ways possible, may it be delivering advanced accounting software, providing insurance and business valuation services, or even financial management. A survey by Business Insider...

Blockchain to Revolutionize the Financial Industry
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Safwan Zaheer, Director, Financial Services Digital & Head of FinTech, KPMG US

Currently, we are going through one of the most significant transformations in the banking industry. According to KPMG US, this transformation— termed as FinTech revolution—is about the innovative use of new technologies and business...

The 21st Century CFO
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Ian Swanson, CFO, Delicato Family Vineyards

“In the post-capitalist society, it is safe to assume that anyone with any knowledge will have to acquire new knowledge every four or five years or else become obsolete”. This is a quotation from famed economist Peter F. Drucker,...

Technology Renovation: How Agile Development helps LPL Financial make Tangible Technology Improvements
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Chris Paul, SVP, Advisor Experience & Design, LPL Financial

There is one universal truth about technology in the financial services industry: it is always changing. At LPL, we know that the way we approach handling these changes is critical for the success of the financial advisors and institutions we...

Imagine Software and XTF Make EFT and Analytics Easier for Clients
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NEW YORK, NY: Imagine Software, a provider of real-time portfolio, risk management technology and consulting solutions for the global financial community has announced its collaboration with XTF – a provider of ETF ratings, proprietary ETF...

Teespring Partners with Payoneer to Transform the Business World of Entrepreneur Worldwide.
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NEW YORK CITY, NY: Payoneer, an online payment company has been selected by Teespring, an e-commerce firm, to provide platform for global mass payment services.Both shares a common platform of empowering business professional and owners...

Accounting Seed: Nimble and Comprehensive Accounting
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Tony Zorc, Founder and CEO

Accounting Seed provides accounting and financial solutions on the Salesforce platform and gives organizations a unified view of their business data

Gappify: Automating Accounting Tasks and Advancing a Profession
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Jotham Ty, Founder and CEO

Offers automation software solutions and services for corporate accountants

Leaseaccelerator: Pioneering The New Category Of Enterprise Lease Accounting
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Michael Keeler, CEO

LeaseAccelerator is the industry-first software application developed to automate the end-to-end business processes for leasing across the enterprise

Tangoe: Transparent Telecom Expense Management
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Bob Irwin, CEO

Offers TEM solutions to help companies create business value, increase efficiency, and deliver a positive impact on the bottom line

Incentives Solutions: Enabling Comprehensive Sales Performance Measurement
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Amir Fishslevich, CEO

Develops and delivers best-of-breed, flexible and comprehensive sales performance measurement and incentive pay enabling systems that increase employee motivation...

Resilicore: Deliverables for Operationalizing Business Strategies
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Vic Datta, CEO

Assists clients in analyzing functional and departmental processes such as finance and accounting to construct bespoke solutions for improved business performance

Xignite: Empowering Fintech with Market Data APIs
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Stephane Dubois, CEO & Founder

Provides cloud-based financial market data APIs to help enterprises deliver real-time and reference market data to their digital assets

Halcyon Financial Technology, L.P.: Furnishing a Resilient IT Infrastructure
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Rodric R. O’Connor, Managing Partner

Provides tailored IT solutions to private equity, hedge fund and investment management firms

Advicent Solutions: Simplifying Financial Planning and its Adoption
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Phil Cunningham, CEO

Provider of software-as-a-service technology solutions for the financial services industry.

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